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Sarah and Martin, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: Hallo, We are a busy family looking for a new Au-pair-Mädchen/nanny who will help us take care of our 2 sweet boys as well as take care of the housework. Our older one is called Constantin, he will turn 4 in January, and already goes to kindergarten (9:00am-4:30pm). The little one is called Justus, he just turned one and is busy exploring the world on his little feet. We already have a nanny, but since it got a lot for her alone and we want her to have a bit more free time we would like to find an additional help for our family. My husband and I are both working, he's a salesman and I'm a doctor. We live in a big house right outside of Mannheim (middle of Germany), and of course you would have your own cozy room. We also have a large garden with a pool, so during summer times you can go swimming. The tasks we would expect you to do are as follows: Taking care of the kids, playing with them, feeding them, changing diapers, teaching them important things. Helping with the laundry, cleani
The families interests include: Swimming, traveling, playing in the garden, sailing.

Jade and Jon, from Florida, Germany. Looking for help from 15 Jan, 2018

They say: Hi there. My name is Jade from Germany/ Frankfurt. We are a fun family with a 4 year old son expecting our second in May 2018. We are looking for a bubbly au pair to live and travel with us and help mommy with household chores and our toddler. Would be great if you love to be outdoors because we have a big backyard and if you enjoy the ocean (because we love to travel) even better. Hoping to find someone who wants to become part of our family.
The families interests include: Swimming, soccer, amusement parks, handicraft work

Doreen and Uwe  from Germany

Doreen and Uwe, from Germany. Looking for help from 20 Apr, 2018

They say: Au pair wanted for a family with a two year old lovely girl.
The families interests include: playing board games, go to the zoo, Play outside, read books, watch TV sometimes, talk about the day, do BBQ

Murielle  and Mathias   from Germany

Murielle and Mathias , from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: Family with two small kids is looking for a caring au pair as an support.
The families interests include: Being outside, go for walks, swimming, the kids love to sing.

Marcus and Sigi, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2017

They say: Hello! We are searching for a native English-speaking Au-Pair to help care for our three young boys. (11 & twins who are 8). We live in the Munich metropolitan area on a beautiful island in the middle of a lake! If you are looking for a family and a location that is a little different - please contact us!
The families interests include: Soccer, Yoga, swimming, kayaking, traveling, barbecueing, books, tennis, spend the weekends in the city

Peter and Csilla  from Germany

Peter and Csilla, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2017

They say: will be edited later
The families interests include: will be edited later

Jiska and Morten, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2017

They say: Hi, we are a family of two pilots and two kids and a cat, in need for a responsible au pair to take care of our two kids while we fly. We would like you to become their big sister, support and go-to person.
The families interests include: We are a relatively sporty family. Morten (dad) likes to run and Jiska (mom) loves ballet, we both try to go climbing regular. Maximus (6 yrs), does swimming, football, gymnastics and parkour and Isabella (4 yrs) does ballet, swimming, gymnastics and parkour. We also love to read and watch a movie and do a game together. If the weather is good, we love to invite friends over and bbq. We have a nice garden and like to use it as much as the weather allows us.

Eliza and Marco  from Germany

Eliza and Marco, from Germany. Looking for help from 29 May, 2017

They say: Hi Au pair, we are family with two beautiful 2 girls. Age 8 and 12 years old. we are loving and easy going family. We like to have fun and live healty.
The families interests include: My kids like to go swimming, going for movie, playground,to festtival and travelling.

Jan and Denise  from Germany

Jan and Denise, from Germany. Looking for help from 5 Feb, 2017

They say: Nancy/au pair needed by a fun and lovely family with 4 boys, lively twins included. Help with childcare appreciated to get all things done in and around the house.
The families interests include: Going outdoors, swimming, singing, doing excursions, playing with the kids, inviting family and friends

France, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 May, 2017

They say: Hello, we are going in Berlin for 2 months and need an au paire for this period. Best is a french speaking au paire since our kids speak both French and Germany. The au paire will have her own room in our flat in Kreuzberg. I am French and my husband Austrian. Please contact me if interested !
The families interests include: We like famility time, discovering the city, going to the lake, going out for lunch or diner.

Bastian and   from Germany

Bastian, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2017

They say: Hello, please do not contact us until we do. Thank you!
The families interests include: Go to playgrounds, Riding bikes, canoeing on a lake, sledging in winter

Shimshon and Shaohua , from Germany. Looking for help from 10 Nov, 2017

They say: we are a frendly open family in Germany, which will have a child in this July. Now we are look for our child a long term baby sitter in full time from 10.09.2017. Your contact are very welcome.
The families interests include: travel

Michael and Marie, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2017

They say: Looking for an Au-Pair/Live-in Nanny for a 6 month-old girl. We are a outdoorsy, active, fun-loving family,who's very interested in other cultures. We live out in the country but very close to cities and a university town. So, you can have it all :-)
The families interests include: going on short trips, doing activities with the baby, meet friends, running/working out, cooking, reading

Henry and Phoebe, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 May, 2017

They say: au pair needed as we are expecting a new member in the family and father is during the week not at home.
The families interests include: riding bike, walking, going out into the country, swimming

Piia and   from Germany

Piia, from Germany. Looking for help from 19 Mar, 2017

They say: Looking gor an au-pair for a Estonian/German family in south Germany.
The families interests include: Spend time together: go swimming, playgrounds, forest and travel.

Charys and John, from Germany. Looking for help from 15 Apr, 2017

They say: We're bi-lingual and multicultural with 2 boys aged 10 and 12. We're looking for someone to join the family, laugh and play with us. We can offer you the chance to improve your English and German, and experience German, British, and American culture, all in one place!
The families interests include: We love to go for walks, play games at home, and sometimes we like to stay in our pyjamas all day. We also love stories, music and books.

Denise and Bernd, from Germany. Looking for help from 27 Mar, 2017

They say: We are looking for an Au pair to start with us from around 27th March full time 35hrs a week plus babysitting two nights per month. Ideally we'd like someone who can stay for a whole year or a little less. We are looking for an English native speaker as both of our children are bilingual. We live on the outskirts of Berlin where you have both nature (woods around the corner and a lake open for swimming) as well as good connections into town. Your main duty would be too look after our little one(
The families interests include: Swimming, going outside, going to town

Nancy and NANCY  from Germany

Nancy and NANCY, from Germany. Looking for help from 2 Jul, 2017

They say: I have two boys, age 11 and 13 that need care at our apartment in Berlin while I go on a trip. The duration is 11 days and I would like the nanny to stay at our apartment with the boys. There is a bedroom for her and we live in central Berlin in a nice but small apartment. Our boys are native English speakers and we have a cat. I hope it might be possible to find a nice nanny through you for this time. Approximately July 2-12. The hours would be a little in the morning - 2 or 3 hours and
The families interests include: Jump house, walks in nature, play at a park.

Bernd and   from Germany

Bernd, from Germany. Looking for help from 21 May, 2017

They say: Nice Guy looking for a nice pretty girl, who want´s to learn german.
The families interests include: Sport, hiking, dog walking

Florence and Ken  from Germany

Florence and Ken, from Germany. Looking for help from 15 Mar, 2017

They say: hello , looking for Nanny/ au pair by a nice family with 2 children (boys), to help us [contact information removed]
The families interests include: We like to travel, go out with the kids, nature

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