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Livein, from Belgium. Looking for help from 18 Sep, 2016

They say: Open and lovely family seeks for a dutch speaking nanny for 1, 0 ages
The families interests include: Parks, food, cycling

Raphael and Audrey, from Belgium. Looking for help from 4 Apr, 2016

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a young family with 3 children to help us with childcare.
The families interests include: Sports, swimming, parks, Bbq, Inviting friends home.

Karen, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2016

They say: Family of 2 girls and mother would love to find a new aupair and older sister for school year 2016/17. We love weekends, sports, having fun and sun in our house.
The families interests include: Swimming, tennis, girls playing piano, gym, biking, movies, music, books, cooking, being creative, painting

Sudhir, from Belgium. Looking for help from 22 Apr, 2016

They say: single Father. need aupaire ofr 2 little daughthers. 6 years and 3 years. goes to flemish school.
The families interests include: swimming, going to amusement park, play indoor

Claudia and Selli, from Belgium. Looking for help from 30 Jul, 2016

They say: looking for a sweet nanny to take care of our 2 children
The families interests include: we like to be outdoor, have fun, play, traveling.

Joyce and Gert, from Belgium. Looking for help from 10 May, 2016

They say: Hi there! We are looking for a nanny/au pair to take care of our 2 angels. Dad is a pilot and I work a lot. We'd like you to help us with practical things like taking the kids to and from school & just have a wonderful time with them?
The families interests include: We like a cosy, tidy house. We love hugs, drawing, watching tv, reading, playing in the garden. We cuddle the cat & cook with a good glas of wine.

Charlotte and Stefan, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Hello future au pair! We are a young and active belgian family looking for an au pair to join our family. We have 3 kids: one girl and 2 boys. They are close in age, but hang out together all the time! We live in a small town close to Bruges and both work as a dentist. We have lived abroad before and have au pair experience. Please contact us if you are interested!
The families interests include: We love going to the park (right in front of our house), the beach (20 min drive), the city (15 min drive) and go cycling (we have a 'bakfiets')! We love going out for brunch during the weekends!

Claessens, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2019

They say: Nice girl of 7 years old looking for a exceptional and funny Nanny. She will stay in a beautiful house with her room and her bathroom. It's good to love traveling and teaching nice things as well as taking time to do the home work.
The families interests include: Traveling, swimming , violin

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