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Catherine and James, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jun, 2018

They say: We are a welcoming, fun and active family living in leafy Eltham in the North East of Melbourne. We have two bright, happy girls and a puppy so if you would like to join our family, please make sure you have plenty of energy!
The families interests include: Cath – Mum. I am currently a stay at home mum but will be returning to university full time in July to study occupational therapy. In the past I have worked with children and travelled a lot – I know how great it can be to travel and experience new countries but I also know it can be challenging coming to a new place; I'm happy to give you all the support you need to enjoy your stay. James – Dad. I work full time in the city for the state government as an environmental consultant but my working

Catherine, from Australia. Looking for help from 16 Jun, 2018

They say: Au pair and best friend for a bubbly, intelligent, active 19 month old whilst I work full time. Creative play, book reading, singing and outdoor adventures a must!
The families interests include: Active - going out to parks, exercising when i have the chance. Cooking and general spending time wiht friends and family.

Lex and Jam, from Australia. Looking for help from 15 Apr, 2018

They say: Our a pair is leaving us in April. We need someone for look after our 3 kids. No worries!! Both of them going to school. And it's a lot of Au Pair in our area for meet people and kid's meeting. Easy family and kids.
The families interests include: Parents are working a lot so they like have cool time the weekend with kids. Kids like go to the park, biking, running, go to the beach, painting, cooking,....

Paige and Daniel, from Australia. Looking for help from 3 Mar, 2018

They say: We are a family of 6 that live in gorgeous countyside, outside of Melbourne Australia. We have 2 independent easy going teenagers. But are looking for an aui pair to help with our 6 year old son and 8 year daughter. Energetic and fun children. And to help with day to day chores. Oh and we have to sweet dogs too.
The families interests include: We live on a large property and we enjoy working on our property gardening. We enjoy hosting dinners with friends, listen to music. Dancing. Having fun. Being funny. We are a creative arty family too.

Michael and Tesni, from Australia. Looking for help from 23 Jan, 2018

They say: Helping 2 separated parents (still friends) with two beautiful / gentle kids. Our daughter has high-functioning Autism, she is verbal, friendly and gentle. Our son is very chatty, friendly and fun. You would have access to a free bike. Public transport is very close, only approx 1.5km between the two houses. Houses approx 13km to CBD. Safe local area. Own room and free internet available within family download limits. Assisting with breakfast, school lunches, walk 1km to school for son in morning / afternoon. Weekends off. Support hours with kids 7-9am & 3-6pm (Mon-Wed), 7-9am & 3-9pm (Thurs), 7-9am & 3-6pm (Friday). No mobile phone, internet or TV use during morning or afternoon support, we would appreciate active engagement with the kids and us as part of our homes at those times. Negotiable weekend hrs. Extra money can be earned, babysitting or assisting my parents (living next door) with some housework if desired.
The families interests include: Attending National Basketball League & A-League Soccer, playing basketball, kayaking, riding bikes, playing with playdoh, drawing, animal documentaries, museums. Trips to the city, beach or zoos.

Michelle and Richard, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: Aupair/mothers help needed for easygoing Australian family living in world famous Island tourist destination!
The families interests include: Going to out many beautiful beaches, playing outdoors, charity work, day trips and visiting historical and natural sites of beauty and relaxing at home.

Jackie and David, from Australia. Looking for help from 22 Jan, 2018

They say: Hi, we are a friendly and caring family who live near the beach. We have two school age girls 6 and 8 yrs who are great fun. We would love someone to join our family who can help with school pick up and assist the girls with their reading and homework on the nights I work. Someone with a big heart and who will be a great role model for them.
The families interests include: Beach, walk, bike, read, dance, craft, swim in our pool, go to the movies.

Carina and Ben, from Australia. Looking for help from 12 Mar, 2018

They say: Au pair needed for a family with 2 fun children to help us with before and afterschool care.
The families interests include: We love enjoying Brisbane's outdoor lifestyle. Sailing, kayaking, swimming, going to be beach. We also love to travel in our spare time.

Jo, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jan, 2018

They say: Au pairneeded in the beautiful tropical North Queensland town of Cairns.
The families interests include: Swimming, going to the beach and out for dinner/lunch, walking, bike riding

Kelly and Luke, from Australia. Looking for help from 28 Oct, 2017

They say: Having a nanny at home is a very big decision for us. We are not only looking for a helper, but more a responsible extended family remember. I have a newborn (3 weeks so far) and a 3+ years old. The 3+ years old goes to childcare 4 days a week and 1 day with grandma at the moment. I may consider to reduce his childcare days to 3 days a week. You will be mainly looking after the newborn and the 3+ in the weekends or evenings. I'm a freelance photographer and a part-timer student (from next year), so I will be home at least half of the time. I would love to have someone who can help with washing, vacuuming, cooking and cleaning as well. Willing to help with the house work is important for us.
The families interests include: we love to go out in the parks and markets.

Josela and Nimai, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: Aupair needed. Experience with kids with special needs an advantage. Need to keep kids active at the pool, on bikes and at the park. Must like art, crafts and music.
The families interests include: Swimming, music, gaming, movies, day trips to the beach, zoos, caring for animals, meat-free cooking, eating out, catching up with friends and family.

Victoria and Bradley , from Australia. Looking for help from 3 Jan, 2018

They say: We are an easy going young family with a beautiful baby boy living in Brisbane Australia. We are looking for a Russian speaking au pair to live with us for 12 month starting in January 2018 to help look after our son while I return to work.
The families interests include: Movies, camping, basketball, travel, weekend getaways.

Chiara and Jeremy, from Australia. Looking for help from 10 Oct, 2017

They say: A friendly, dynamic, modern thinking family are looking for a live in Au Pair/ Nanny to help provide care for our 2 girls who love to be busy.
The families interests include: We love to entertain and enjoy life. We have a pool and all love to swim in summer. We enjoy the outdoors and regularly go camping with family and friends.

Suzanne and Paul, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2017

They say: Kind and energetic Nanny/au pair needed by a fun Irish family living in Brisbane Australia with 2 young kids and a small dog, to help with childcare.
The families interests include: Parks, shopping mall, beaches, restaurants, swimming, sight-seeing, playgrounds and water parks

Mandira and Andrew, from Australia. Looking for help from 15 Oct, 2017

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a family with 2 boys- a 2 year old and a 5 year old. We live in the picturesque lower Blue Mountains in Sydney, 50 minutes by train to Sydney CBD. Both my husband and I work and hence a nanny/au pair will make our lives a lot more manageable and enjoyable.
The families interests include: Swimming, athletics, dancing, bush walking, camping, going to the beach, picnics in the garden, bike riding, holidays to different parts of Australia, skiing.

Catherine and Eduardo, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: We're a relaxed couple with 3 kids aged 2, 6 and 9
The families interests include: swimming, exercise, catch up with friends, movies, music

Emma and James, from Australia. Looking for help from 29 Sep, 2017

They say: I'm looking for a short term au pair/Demi pair (1-2 months) possibility to extend. We have social, fun two and three year olds and also a cruisey 8 month old (as well as a friendly energetic dog). I would need you to have skills in managing three kids and assisting with house work and cooking if you enjoy it.
The families interests include: Play in our pool, parks, zoo and any adventures we can tackle!

Kate and Pete, from Australia. Looking for help from 30 Jun, 2017

They say: Looking for an aupair to help get children ready for school, do the bus run, and pick up from bus after school. Help with homework, usual routines, bed time. Through the day would like you to help out with some housework, washing etc. fun family, enjoy meeting people from all over the world. Live in large house on farm with a cat and a puppy. All easy!
The families interests include: Sports, farm life, fun with the kids, parties, making our own fun! We are busy and enjoy life with our kids.

Shane and Eleonora, from Australia. Looking for help from 14 Oct, 2017

They say: We are looking for an energetic, kind, fun-loving, committed, resilient and consistent young person with initiative to help in the care of our 4 young boys and light day to day tasks within the home. We mostly need help around school pick ups and drop offs so you will need to be able to drive in Australia. We have a cleaner and a gardener but it would be great to have help with other chores such as laundry, occasional shopping, dishes and cooking as you feel comfortable. It will be a great o
The families interests include: We live in Adelaide, South Australia. Everyday life is busy with varied challenges. We have four lively and energetic boys who love being outside, on the trampoline, walking through puddles, but equally enjoy ipad and TV time. Two of the children are at school, the third is at school 3 days per week and the youngest is still at home. We enjoy living between central Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills - a rural retreat with koalas and kangaroos!

Glen and Renee, from Australia. Looking for help from 6 Jan, 2018

They say: Would like a live in Aupair to look after a nearly 3 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy. Approx 30-38 hours over 4 days.
The families interests include: We are an active family. We enjoy camping trips, bbqs, trips away to the beach. Both kids play sport once a week and have swimming lessons. We have memberships to the Theme parks on the Gold Coast and some of the Zoos and aquariums around Brisbane.

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