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Kelvin and Sophie, from Australia. Looking for help from 6 Jul, 2018

They say: Job: Hello from the Dart family! We're a couple that are about to both start working full time and we're looking someone to join our family 2 days a week (not-live-in) in Bentleigh East. We have an adorable little 3 yo girl Asha, with way too many teeth and way too little hair, that wel think will warm the heart of the person that looks after her. We also have two very chilled indoor dogs, one little papillon/terrier and a medium Groodle (Golden Retriever/ miniature poodle). Ones a 8yo ones an 12yo so they mostly just enjoy relaxing on a couch. We require a nanny Monday/Tuesday/ (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Asha will be in daycare). Sophie, my partner, is a senior account manager for a marketing platform and works from home some of those days, she won't get in your way but will be there to lend a hand if needed. I (Kelvin) run my own business in the digital design/innovation space and am in the city most days.
The families interests include: Swim, playgrounds, Zoo, museums

Deshrine and Sagren, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jun, 2018

They say: Au Pair needed by fun family with 2 children. Mum will be looking after the baby and Miss 3 goes to daycare during the week so it's more of a Mother's Helper role. We would love to attend more activities so an extra pair of hands would be ideal.
The families interests include: Eating out, going to parks, zoos, play dates etc

Alyce, from Australia. Looking for help from 4 Jun, 2018

They say: Nanny/Au pair needed to help with 5 crazy lovable children, 1 to 5 days a week, single mum and we like to enjoy life!
The families interests include: Our house is always on the go, four wheel driving, camping, fishing, movies, fires and music, motorbike riding, swimming, parks etc... never a boring time :)

Marie-Claire and Adrian, from Australia. Looking for help from 9 Jul, 2018

They say: Busy, fun family seeking helping hand! If you love kids and love family life, you'll love us too!
The families interests include: Our girls love sport so we have many sporting activities to attend. We live on the sunny Gold Coast so we love the beach and the outdoors. We have a lovely big home and play outside on bikes and in our cubby house. We have a big extended family, so we enjoy visiting relatives. We have 3 daughters, so we also love shopping! School and music are important to us so we always make time for these activities too.

Carolyn and David , from Australia. Looking for help from 4 Mar, 2018

They say: Friendly and open family looking for a cheerful, open & enthusiastic au pair to help out with our 3 year old girl and 9 year old son. We want someone to help keep the kids entertained throughout the day and assist with some daily house chores - Basically to give Mum a helping hand. A great opportunity to be a part of our family in a beautiful part of the world, with quality beaches and hinterland only 25 minutes away.
The families interests include: Hinterland location within 25mins to amazing Sunshine Coast beaches. We like going to the beach, shopping, going for walks, nature, going to parks & playgrounds, sport, health and exercise, artwork, painting, music, sewing, Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, herbal teas, growing vegetables & movies.

Clare , from Australia. Looking for help from 21 Jun, 2018

They say: my names Clare. I'm looking for a Au-pair for mid June until December and possibly longer if we really like you in our family. I work in disability and my shifts vary, I often work random shifts- some school hours, some before school and occasionally night shifts. My daughter Molly is 18 she is moving to India soon until December, she is basically like my nanny now and I don't know how I'm going to attend shifts outside of school hour when she leaves. I have a 5 year old gorgeous boy a 9 and 11 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. They are really good kids. If be keen to go out for karakoke and a few drinks when the kids are at their dads. The kids go to their dads every second weekend but Jonah the 5 year old stays with me. So you would have every second weekend off exept if I have a random shift :) Preferred non smoker as Jonah is asthmatic
The families interests include: Park, walk dog

Rebecca and Justin, from Australia. Looking for help from 15 May, 2018

They say: Dear Au Pair, My name is Rebecca, my husband's name is Justin and we are the parents of two beautiful girls, Ayla (6 years old) and Nyah (2 years old). They are well behaved, loving and smiley children. I am currently working 3 to 4 days per week as a Psychologist at the Gold Coast University Hospital and require an equally loving, friendly, smiley person to help look after our children. Our 6 year old is in school so you would be primarily looking after our youngest as well as before and after school care for our eldest. We are a close family. Our children are also very close to both sets of their grandparents who live only a few minutes away. We live in a large home, we are close to the beach and shops (walking distance). We live in Queensland, Gold Coast (Palm Beach). We are also in the middle of building a large pool so the ability to swim is a must. On the 3 to 4 days that I work, I leave at 7am in the morning and return between 5pm and 6pm.
The families interests include: Swimming, markets at the end of our street, socialise with friends, park etc

Leanne and John, from Australia. Looking for help from 11 May, 2018

They say: An au pair needed to help us with our newborn twins (7 weeks old).
The families interests include: At the moment it's just caring for the twins, but usually it's enjoying the delights of the beach and cafes that Manly has to offer.

Melissa and David, from Australia. Looking for help from 17 Jun, 2018

They say: au pair needed in Mudgee NSW Australia. We have one baby and we need you to care for him two days a week and a few extra hours occassionally. We can provide you with a comfortable double room with ensuite and a very happy family environment. Require someone who is comfortable with an attachment/gentle/respectful parenting approach.
The families interests include: We love being outdoors - camping, hiking and climbing. We also love art and culture and visit Sydney or other cities fairly often. When we drive you are very welcome to join us for most trips.

Naomi and Scott, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 May, 2018

They say: Lots of families in Queensland, Australia looking for great au pairs.
The families interests include: Going to the beach, exploring the local area and spending time with family

Charlotte and Ben, from Australia. Looking for help from 25 Jul, 2018

They say: Fun-loving, busy family seeking au pair to play with 4 loving kids. Come and see the real Australia (including kangaroos) without leaving the city!
The families interests include: We love to be outdoors, at the park, or just enjoying the events and festivals our city has to offer. We have traveled a lot and we love to explore. The kids love to play imaginary games and dress up, and they like to read.

Emily and Ben, from Australia. Looking for help from 3 May, 2018

They say: Hi we are a small family with a 14 months old son, we are living in Northside of Queensland Australia. Mom is Taiwanese and the dad is Australian, we would like to have someone can help us to look after our son for the weekdays working hours( Monday to Friday 7am to 3:30pm). We are really outgoing and love to give our son as much chance as we can to learn Mandarin. Thank you
The families interests include: Swimming, surfing and trying out all the restaurants, shopping.

Peter, from Australia. Looking for help from 4 Jun, 2018

They say: I am a single father living with my lovely son in Perth Western Australia, the mother of my lovely son died 9 months ago as a result of cancer. Due to my ever increasing busy schedule i now need a nanny to assist me in taking care of my son.
The families interests include: We like sight seeing a lot and also watching outdoor games.

Sarah, from Australia. Looking for help from 4 May, 2018

They say: Single mother with one infant in a full time position looking for responsible and experienced nanny to live in and assist with young baby. Drivers licence essential.
The families interests include: Read, dine out, go to the beach and spend time togetheri

Yasmine and Adam, from Australia. Looking for help from 24 Jul, 2018

They say: Start your Aussie adventure with us! Au pair needed for suburban Sydney family with 2 school aged boys, lots of free time.
The families interests include: We love spending our weekends exploring our city, eating out with friends, or nights in with a movie.

Christopher and Zofia, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2018

They say: Nanny/au pair wanted for small professional UK family living in Sydney. 1 little boy aged 6. Welcoming and friendly environment
The families interests include: Beach, outdoors, cycling, swimming, kayaking, weekend trips, films, exploring Australia

Kate and Pete, from Australia. Looking for help from 30 Jun, 2017

They say: Nanny for children before and after school. Must be good drivers and willing to help with housework whilst children are at school. We live on a farm with our pets and kids, and enjoy life and meeting people from all over the world!
The families interests include: Sports, making our own fun, farm things, enjoying life with the kids

Lee and Troy, from Australia. Looking for help from 15 Apr, 2018

They say: Au Pair/Nanny needed for 3 children, school drop off/pick up and care for our 2 year old 4 days per week. We both work full time so need help with the day to day do the children aren't always in after school care.
The families interests include: We love sport, movies, wine, cheese, cooking & food

Kristy and Warren, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2018

They say: Looking for a part-time au pair who is fun, independent and able to drive. As working parents, we mainly need help in the afternoons with driving the kids from school to their after-school activities. We also need help looking after the kids on their school holidays (when school is closed). In this role, the usual working hours are 2:30-5:30pm Monday - Friday with occasional babysitting on the weekends (maybe one night per month). Help with light housework is also desired (during the mentioned working hours). Ideally, if we can find an au pair who plans to buy a car for getting around when not working with us, this would be perfect!
The families interests include: Our family loves the outdoors, going to the beach, having picnics, fishing, and just enjoying our beautiful area on the Gold Coast of Australia. My kids are a pleasure to be around; we just need help with driving them in the afternoons from school to their after-school activities and help during school holidays (with occasional weekend babysitting). This allows a lot of free time for the au pair during the day and most of the weekends to explore, enjoy themselves or get a part time job.

Jennifer and Lawrence, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jan, 2018

They say: Fun young family of 5 looking for a big sister/au pair for our three children. We are an Asian Australian family - sadly we can only speak English having lived in Australia for 30+ years but our kids love their rice and noodles! You will have your own bedroom and ensuite located in separate wing of our house in Melbourne. We are in Malvern East, with close walking distance to public transport (20 min direct access to city centre) and next to parks and recreational facilities. Duties include helping the children get ready for school/childcare, picking them up, bathing them, preparing their meals and light household duties. If you are interested and would consider being our au pair, we'd love to hear from you.
The families interests include: As a family, we enjoy going for walks in the park and weekend brunches.

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