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Rebekka and Lou, from Australia. Looking for help from 25 Mar, 2019

They say: Aupair needed for a family of 3 (soon to be 4 in August). Host dad is a Farmer and host mum works at the Local University. Needing someone to help look after our lively 3year old!
The families interests include: Go to the beach, the park, fishing and boating, traveling, random adventures, NRL(football), swimming, movies

Allison and   from Australia

Allison, from Australia. Looking for help from 18 Mar, 2019

They say: I am a single parent and I need someone to help me look after my 13 month old son so I can work. I would like someone with some experience looking after very young children and is able to help my son develop his cognitive and social abilities. I also want the au pair to teach him French. I have been living in Tanzania for almost 5 years and returned to Australia in early February. I am currently looking for work and so will end up living where ever I get a job. At the moment I am focusing on Melbourne and Hobart. During the week I will need an au pair to care for my son, help him learn through play, take him to playgroups, read to him, play with him, sing and talk to him, etc. Apart from taking care of my son I would like someone who will help with some light housework. During the week, while I am at work, the au pair will be in sole charge. At other times we will work together to look after my son. I will ensure that the au pair has adequate time off to relax and to have a life.
The families interests include: My son is very young so his activities are a little limited. He does love being outside though and I would like to get him involved in a play group, learning to swim and experiencing new environments.

Alex and Danika, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2019

They say: We're a family with 3 kids: 6yo girl and twin 2yo boys (nearly 3). We're about to be 2 working parents, including a shift-working nurse. We're in Tropical Darwin, our house has a pool and a 2 bedroom self contained granny flat for an au pair to live in.
The families interests include: Camping, travel, family, cafes and beaches, swimming. Reading, TV, sport.

Olivia and Scot  from Australia

Olivia and Scot, from Australia. Looking for help from 19 Feb, 2019

They say: We are an energetic family, passionate about being the best parents we can be for our kids, we love nature , being outdoors, creating tasty meals, going to local playgroups, park and shops. We have a 8month old baby and 2.5yr old toddler. 4-5hrs a day Monday to Friday help with our toddler (not the baby)
The families interests include: Goto local park, goto local beach (20min drive), cook and eat good food, do gardening, be creative - painting and drawing and general art and craft.

Jo and Ryan  from Australia

Jo and Ryan, from Australia. Looking for help from 18 Feb, 2019

They say: Nanny/ au pair needed to become a part of our family, and help out with our little man and dog. Dad works and Mum needs to finish her nursing degree! Our little legend Owen just celebrated his first birthday and is a constant joy in our lives, we hope he will be for you too.
The families interests include: Swimming, Walks with the dog everyday, My husband surfs, Days out to explore, Short hikes, Beach visits etc.

Susie and Rob  from Australia

Susie and Rob, from Australia. Looking for help from 27 Jan, 2019

They say: Hi! We need a an au pair to join our family, we have 4 kids and they are all very active.
The families interests include: Sport and music

Polly and Scott, from Australia. Looking for help from 5 Jan, 2019

They say: Au pair needed by a fun family with 2 children, dog, chicken and duck to help with before and after school care. Live in a rural area with fantastic social activities and sights to see.
The families interests include: Water skiing on the weekends. Te children love sport, learning music and reading. They play hockey, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, soccer, footsal, swimming and water skiing. Our favourite is going to the Gold Coast for a swim at the news beach.

Jacinta and Anthony  from Australia

Jacinta and Anthony, from Australia. Looking for help from 15 Jan, 2019

They say: We are a unique, and active Australian family. We enjoy active outdoor life, gym, going on bushwalks, cycling, and fun activities with the kids. Over summer we try to do surfing almost every weekend. We also have a focus on culture; try to foster a love of reading and music. We live in a a traditional QLD timber home. A typical 'laid back' QLD style house, oriented to outdoor living, a large yard, and pool in a beautiful leafy suburb. 15 minutes from Brisbane CBD, walking distance to large shopping precincts. The area we live in has some of the best parks and walks, and cycle ways in Brisbane, it has excellent public transport, is a bike ride distance to the University of Queensland, and we often ride into Brisbane CBD on weekends. We would provide accommodation in a private fully self contained flat off site, to provide privacy to the Au Pair and us, 15 minutes by public transport with stops within 200m of both properties. Mum is quite organised and has a set work week, Dad not so
The families interests include: Swimming, surfing, cycling, reading, music, hikes, and shopping

Mick, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2018

They say: Hi Single Dad that needs help I own a business and have both my kids full time. I just need help with house work, cooking dinner and running the kids around to school or activities. Very flexible on work hours and have spare rooms available in a nice home in an excellent suburb of the beautiful Hunter Valley.
The families interests include: Not much Do like the outdoors, beach and camping

Josh and Paula  from Australia

Josh and Paula, from Australia. Looking for help from 18 Nov, 2018

They say: Responsible and caring
The families interests include: swim play sports

Paras and   from Australia

Paras, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Dec, 2018

They say: Hi I am a single caring parent who owns and runs his own business and is looking for an nanny/aupair to help with my two beautiful , well behaved children. This includes, pick up drop off at school, light household duties and making meals (breakfast for kids). Car is included as well as cell phone etc. , any responsible requests.
The families interests include: theme parks, beach, going out for dinner.

Sarah and Kaokao, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2018

They say: We are looking for a female Au Pair to come join our family of Mum Dad and 4 daughters. You will be sporty, outdoorsy, mature, organised, responsible and willing to make the household run as smoothly as possible!
The families interests include: We love to play sports! Such as rugby, touch rugby, rugby 7s, little athletics, netball. We like to ride our bikes, go swimming, go camping and other fun adventurous outdoorsy stuff! We like to have movie nights and play games (very competitive family!). We enjoy cooking and baking together. We want to welcome a female Au Pair into our family

Sally and Tony, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2018

They say: Nanny / Au pair required to help our busy little family with 2 children while we juggle work and study.
The families interests include: We enjoy going for walks, playing at the park, mucking around in the backyard and tenpin bowling. We enjoy boardgames, arts and crafts, baking, and movies when we are at home. Our daughters love to dance and attend dance lessons regulaly.

Anna and   from Australia

Anna, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2018

They say: Nanny
The families interests include: Swimming

Tracey and Josh  from Australia

Tracey and Josh, from Australia. Looking for help from 16 Oct, 2018

They say: I'am a stay home mum with four kids under seven, just need help with mornings getting kids ready for school and pre school, and afternoon routine until 7-30. But some days you'll have time off to enjoy the beautiful place we live in, 300 meter from beach with a self contained granny flat to live in and food included . Will need working with children check and a police check.
The families interests include: Going to the beach or park. All general outdoor activities

Melita  and Mathias   from Australia

Melita and Mathias , from Australia. Looking for help from 29 Nov, 2018

They say: Swedish Australian family. Professional working couple with 2year old boy and girl twins. Looking for fun Au Pair! Happy to negotiate plenty of time of to also see Australia. We live in Sunny Brisbane!
The families interests include: Swimming, beach, play outside

Jade and   from Australia

Jade, from Australia. Looking for help from 12 Oct, 2018

They say: A huge hug to our future au pair. I am a single mother to a beautiful, cheeky, adventurous little girl turning 3 in January. We have a great relationship that revolves around communication. She is my little human who can be quite emotional,a little shy, has a contagious laugh and an adventurous spirit...there also might be a need to join us for international travel.
The families interests include: beach and any other water activities, road trips, popcorn nights, starlight picnics, books, anything adventurous, family visits, travel, daughter is very crafty her mother is hopeless.

Sarag and Tom  from Australia

Sarag and Tom, from Australia. Looking for help from 14 Oct, 2018

They say:
The families interests include: Swimming, exploring, road trips, going out for lunch or dinner, horse races, animals, outdoor play, singing and dancing (9 yr old) cooking (we all LOVE food) also chilling out watching a movie

Lauren and David, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2019

They say: Live in Nanny required for fun family with two children, on a sweet little hobby farm in Tasmania. Opportunity for cultural experience, outdoors, sports and travel.
The families interests include: Our family likes to be in the outdoors- Mountain Hiking, water activities, and all that beautiful Tassie has to offer. We like eating healthy and keeping active. We like working together as a team and encourage all to have input into decision making.

Missa and Davy  from Australia

Missa and Davy, from Australia. Looking for help from 14 Dec, 2018

They say: Looking an Au Pair to help our family of 4:)
The families interests include: Sports

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