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Valentina is 23, from Italy, and she is available from 22 Apr, 2021

She says: Dear host family, my name is Valentina and I'm 22. I was born in Colombia but I live in Italy since the age of 3 . I'm quiete organized and very responsible. I love playing with kinds and spend time with them, at home I'm the one who cooks, do the dishes and irones. I' m pretty much an introvert, I consider myself a curious and creative person. I'm sensitive and empath too. I would like to work as an au pair as it is a perfect opportunity to visit a fantastic place, stay with a family that lives
Her interests are: I have deep passion for vintage clothes and makeup. in my free time I like to take care of my plants go out for a walk, take pictures, ride my bike or my skateboard. indoors I like to crochet, drink tea and watch movies, series and listening music.

ISABEL is 19, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Oct, 2021

She says: sono una ragazza che studia all'università scienze dell'educazione per diventare maestra; sono una ragazza educata, rispettosa e molto solare. Amo passare del tempo con i bambini e preparare attività per loro.
Her interests are: sono una ballerina, amo ascoltare la musica, passare del tempo in natura e con degli animali.

Beatrice is 22, from Italy, and she is available from 30 Jul, 2021

She says: BEATRICE! Au pair from Italy! I want to be an aupair girl because I love children and I think that they could teach me a lot. Also I want to live in a real educational experience, find a second family, improve my English and get in touch with new culture.
Her interests are: skiing, volleyball, drawing, painting, going out with friends, cooking and so much more

Alessia is 18, from Italy, and she is available from 1 May, 2021

She says: I am a dynamic, sunny and extroverted italian girl who loves the children; in addiction i would like to improve english language by traveling. I'm looking for a hospitable family to make me feel at home.
Her interests are: i love music ( i play flute and piano), art, culture and travel.

Nicole is 23, from Italy, and she is available from 11 Apr, 2021

She says: Hi! My name is Nicole, I am 22 years old and I am from Italy (from a big city closed to Venice). I am a recent graduate in Business Administration. During my study I have worked as saleswoman, babysitter (of 3 children aged 8, 6 and 4 years) and dogsitter! I am simple girl, cheerful and kind. I love trivelling, nature and animals. One of my great dreams is to learn other languages. I thinks this program fits perfectly for me,for my personality and for my ambitions.
Her interests are: In my free time I like to go out with my friends, to read books and going out for a walk.

Mariacristina is 17, from Italy, and she is available from 6 Jun, 2021

She says: I'm kind and funny, i like spending time with kids,I love animals and know new place with different coulture
Her interests are: learning languages, read books, painting, walk, history of art

Ylenia is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 30 Aug, 2021

She says: I'm a kind person who enjoys looking after children. I'm looking for a job as an AuPair!
Her interests are: Learning languages (English, Spanish) and listening to music

Giulia is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 14 Jun, 2021

She says: Au pair called Giulia, 16, looking for a nice family. I'm searching for a summer job that will help me improve my English and will give me the opportunity to get in touch with a different culture, compared to mine. I love kids and I strongly believe this job is fitted for me.
Her interests are: I have many different interests and hobbies: the main one is cinematography. In my free time I enjoy watching movies and tv shows studying them, closely observing the choices the director made to try and make the best out of a scene. My goal is to be accepted to the department of cinematography, directing and screenwriting at the "Los Angeles Film School" in California: I'm already studying to pass the admission. However I also have other interests: I like reading and writing; my favorite novels

Maria Lucrezia is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Jul, 2021

She says: mi chiamo lucrezia ed ho 18 anni , mi definisco come una persona molto solare e gentile, ma anche molto divertente, una delle mie caratteristiche è che sono una persona molto precisa. adoro stare con i bambini vengo da una famiglia molto numerosa quindi sono abituata a passare molto tempo con loro.Sono molto premurosa e una grandissima coccolona!!
Her interests are: arte,film,lettura,danza

Alessio is 26, from Italy, and he is available from 4 Jul, 2021

He says: Outgoing and positive guy who is passionate about other cultures and languages. Graduated in Nutrition and able to teach your family good eating habits!
His interests are: Learning English and French, Sports, Travelling and Food

Selina is 21, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Jun, 2021

She says: I'm an italian girl, my name is Selina and I live in Arma di Taggia, a small village by the sea in the north of Italy. I'm a sporty girl. I love nature and animals. I'm respectful, kind and polite. I'm a sunny and simple person. I would like to become an AuPair because I like children and take care of them! I think there is a lot to learn from them, such as courage and light-heartedness. I would also like to improve my English.
Her interests are: Learning English, Taking photo, watching movies, listening to music, walking in nature and sometimes reading. I am a good Volleyball player. I am a dynamic person! I'm a fan of Harry Potter and all that's adventure and fantasy!!!

Flavia is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2021

She says: ¡Hola! Me llamo Flavia, vivo en Roma y tengo 19 años (este año cumpliré 20). Frecuento el ultimo año de escuela secundaría con orientación lingüística. Amo viajar y conocer nuevas personas. Soy una persona muy solar y amo el mar (¡mi periodo favorito es el verano!). Hago nuevos amigos fácilmente y me encanta cocinar para mi familia y mis amigos. ¡Amo divertirme con todos y encuentro siempre una excusa para hacerlo!
Her interests are: Durante muchos años he jugado voleibol y hizo natación, pero les he dejado para concentrarme más en la escuela y en el trabajo, pero en el verano juego a beach volley y voy en bicicleta. Me gusta mucho ver las series, pero si tengo tiempo libre me gusta mucho más salir con mis amigos. Me encanta cocinar, por esto mis padres me dejan hacerlo muy a menudo. Soy bastante brava con ordenadores, móviles y tabletas, y me gusta compartir en las redes sociales mis experiencias y las fotos que me gustan m

Serena is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Aug, 2021

She says: I am a very solar, energetic and creative person, I always use my imagination with children because when I am with them, I become a child again.
Her interests are: I love learning new languages,cultures and traditions,cooking playing sport and make new adventures.

Marianna is 19, from Italy, and she is available from 15 Sep, 2021

She says: I'm a caring, responsible and cheerful girl. Im looking forward to becoming an Aupair in Spain because I feel it would be the perfect opportunity for me to grow up in a differen context, meet new people, find out something new about the spanish culture, learn a new language and discover places I have never been to
Her interests are: I'm keen on dancing, singing and reading, i love spending time with people and one of my passions is photography

Marta is 23, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2021

She says: Ciao! Mi chiamo Marta, ho 23 anni e vivo in Italia. Sono una ragazza solare, positiva e socievole, amo stare in compagnia e imparare cose nuove. Vivo con mia mamma in un paese in provincia di Milano e con un coniglio di nome Jazmyn di 9 anni. Al momento sto frequentando il terzo anno di psicologia all'università. Nel tempo libero mi piace molto uscire con i miei amici, visitare posti nuovi, fare shopping... mi piace leggere e mi piace molto la musica, qualsiasi genere; ho fatto per 8 anni nuot
Her interests are: Movies, music

Sara is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2021

She says: Dear Future Host family, Hi! I'm Sara, a sparkling nineteen girl from Rome, Italy. I've decided to challenge my enterprise and my english knowledge by becoming an Au Pair; in the meantime, I am a University student and a person full of passions (check my bio to know more about me!). I am a very loving person who adores playing with children and can't wait to be part of your life and your family! I also love animals, cooking and learning more about other cultures.
Her interests are: For sure the two fascinations that I have since childhood and will always be part of me are playing the piano and reading many novels, but a book would not be long enough to tell you about all my passions; since I was a child I have been a great lover of sports, taking swimming lessons, playing volleyball, artistic gymnastics, basketball, football, tennis, fencing ... I said there were many things! In recent years my passion for sport has also given way to that for other activities, such as scou

Irina is 23, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Apr, 2021

She says: Hy for everyone i'm Irina, i am 22 years old and i live in Italy, but i'm Moldavian. i am a nice and sociable person and i love children.
Her interests are: i love artistic gymnastics and dance, and i really like meeting my friends and knowing new people, and discovering new culture and learn new languages.

Laura is 24, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2021

She says: Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Laura, ho quasi 24 anni e vivo in un paese nella provincia di Verona (Veneto, Italia). Sono laureata in Scienze dell'educazione e amo passare il mio tempo con bambini dai 0 ai 15 anni. Sono una ragazza solare, responsabile, disponibile e aperta ad ogni tipo di esperienza.
Her interests are: Mi piace conoscere culture e lingue diverse. Mi piace la lingua inglese, la parlo (livello intermedio) e mi piacerebbe migliorarlo. Amo ascoltare la musica, visitare posti nuovi e conoscere persone.

Anna is 31, from Italy, and she is available from 28 Feb, 2021

She says: Encantada, mi nombre es Anna, adoro estar con niños, soy profesora de ingles en párvulos, monitora de comedor en primaria y secundaria. He trabajado como au pair en dos ocasiones a cargo de mellizos y para otra familia a cargo de una niña de 2 años, facilito las referencias de ambas familias.
Her interests are: Fotografia, leer, sport

Roberta is 20, from Italy, and she is available from 1 Aug, 2021

She says: Au pair from Italy called Roberta, looking for a job with a nice family, starting from 1 August
Her interests are: in my spare time I like to do different things. I have enjoyed reading a lot, ever since I was little. I also really enjoy listening to music, watching movies or series on TV or going to theater shows (I did theater as a child). Since I live in a small village surrounded by greenery, I really like taking walks in the parks or in the countryside and obviously I love going to the beach in the summer. I like sports, especially volleyball.

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