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Erik and Lin , from Taiwan. Looking for help from 11 Mar, 2019

They say: Hello, we are a couple with one child, 5 months old. We own our own business as a medical consulting firm. We will need an au pair/nanny to help while our work load has recently increased. The help needed will be 8 hours a day from morning through to 5 pm. This arrangement is temporary but could change to permanent if possible. Thanks
The families interests include: Nature, exercise and good healthy eating! Also healthy activity and life!

Holly and MuChun, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 15 Oct, 2019

They say: Nanny needed for newborn, 9 hours a day, M-Th, and 8 hours on Fridays.
The families interests include: Relax at home, travel, read.

Carolina and Stephen, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 4 Feb, 2019

They say: Au pair needed to speak/teach mandarin with the kids so they can learn faster
The families interests include: Swim, bike, run, hike, read books.

Jie, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 4 Apr, 2018

They say: Hi, we are in Taipei and need a nanny and housekeeper. Actually, the main task is to let our daughter learn English directly from you.
The families interests include: Mountain climbing, etc

Lara, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 4 Sep, 2017

They say: Kindly nanny needed by a friendly family with 1 kid, you will love this cute boy!!
The families interests include: Dear nanny, We are the family of 3. We have one son, who is 20 months old. My husband and I are occupational therapists and working in the hospital on weekdays. We have free time on weekends. We love movies, music, seasides, hiking, and so on. We can speak English, Chinese and Taiwanese, if you'd like to learn about them, we're glad to help with. I know it's hard to take good care of a child, but we still hope to find a good nanny that she could tolerate a naughty child and could teach him the

Markus and Chia-Wei, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 15 May, 2017

They say: Taiwanese and Swiss couple looking for childcare for our 5 months old baby and some housework.
The families interests include: Swimming, biking, running, golf, go hiking and enjoy nature

Lazaro and Lazaro, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 10 Mar, 2017

They say: We are looking for an English speaking Nanny to watch our two Pre-K aged children. We are moving in Feb/March for a Expat assignment.
The families interests include: We like to do sports and outdoor activities.

Jim, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 2 Dec, 2016

They say: Hi there, I'm a US citizen father of a 5 year old boy living with me here in Taoyuan,Taiwan and looking for a female nanny to help me take care of my son when I'm too busy at work or taking trips for two to three days. My son goes to school from Monday to Friday and he gets weekends off. I first want to try a nanny on weekends and then we can plan for another schedule later on. My son can speak English and Chinese. He is very smart and loves to talk, watch TV, play toys, draw pictures, play ball
The families interests include: playing sports, traveling, going to the park

Kelly and Nicholas, from Taiwan. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2016

They say: Seeking Babysitter for 1-Year Old
The families interests include: Outing, swimming and etc.

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