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Kevin, from Sweden. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2019

They say: Housekeeper / Au-pair needed for position in Sweden. Would suit someone who is perhaps self studying and who wants to broaden their horizons by experiencing different cultures. Occasional flights to UK might be required as well as various other European countries including Switzerland and Portugal. This is a fun position but the individual must be responsible, respectful and have good principals.
The families interests include: Fun stuff, plenty of outdoor activities. Have nice home with gym equipment and swimming pool so you can stay healthy while you are here.

Ante , from Sweden. Looking for help from 15 Jul, 2019

They say: The family I am a single parent with two beautiful children. Nikita 8 and Adrian 6. We lost mommy about 2 years ago. However the children are surprisingly very happy and we managed to come through this trauma. We live in a house in the southern part of Sweden. Malmo is the 3rd largest city in Sweden and only 20 minutes away from Copenhagen, Denmark. There is a large Croatian community and I also have my closest family close by. My mother lives at walking distance and I also have an older brother and a younger sister. My parents are originally from Croatia and I also speak Croatian. But my children don't speak Croatian as my late wife was not of Croatian descent. The children speak good English. It would be really nice if the children could learn Croatian. I work as a Captain on a large cruise ship. This means that I am away from home for 10 weeks and then I am home for 10 weeks. So far I have always had my family onboard while I was working and my children have already seen the wh
The families interests include: Swimming, football, going to amusement parks

Tommy and Mia-Ly, from Sweden. Looking for help from 15 Mar, 2019

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a fun family with twin children and a friendly dog, to help us with childcare so we can all enjoy life!
The families interests include: Golf

Janne, from Sweden. Looking for help from 26 Jul, 2014

They say: I am only here to look
The families interests include: Gardening

Sophia and Oskar, from Sweden. Looking for help from 9 Aug, 2019

They say: Hi! We are a family of five whi are looking for help with the daily routines.
The families interests include: Arts and crafts, riding, skiing, fotball etc

Johan, from Sweden. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2014

They say: Hi! Im 32 year and take care of my 3 year old son alone,since 1 year,I have 2 company and work a lot,so i need someone who can help me take care baby/johan
The families interests include: Travelling,sport,relax

Kosar and Rashid , from Sweden. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2019

They say: I want some who can take care of my kids. We will also take care but we need who can give extra help like in night or when we r away.
The families interests include: going out for dinner sometime. traveling abroad 1 or 2 times in a year.

Natalia and Victor, from Sweden. Looking for help from 5 Jan, 2019

They say: Hello! We are a Canadian/Icelandic family living in Malmö, Sweden. We have a one year old boy who is fun and outgoing. We are looking for an adventurous, patient, flexible and responsible au pair to stay with us for a year. Mama and baby stay in Sweden most of the time, and Dad plays football in Switzerland - so we may have some travel as well.
The families interests include: We love to be active and eat well. Parks, swimming, hiking, and being outside. We love to visit with friends and travel.

Jonathan and Rebecca, from Sweden. Looking for help from 15 Dec, 2018

They say: We are young fun family with small children living in rural Sweden. If you like the outdoors it's a perfect place. Many lakes to go swimming in and forests to hike and snowy winters. There are quite a few young families living here too. We are a multilingual family, mommy speaks Swedish to the children and daddy speaks English so that the kids will learn both natively. We have been to Japan several times and have many friends there, Jonathan studied there and would be very happy with an au pair to practice Japanese with :)
The families interests include: Swimming, Sauna, Camping, Movies, Boardgames, Hang out with friends.

Malin and Jonas , from Sweden. Looking for help from 15 Jan, 2019

They say: We are an active and fun family living in central Stockholm and we have three kids. We do a lot of sports and the kids also love to do arts and crafts, play games, read mm. We travel a lot. My husband had a flexible work and I spend most of the time at home with the kids.
The families interests include: We love sports, tennis, golf, skiing, running. We travel a lot and We like to do a lot of things with the kids. Go to the theathre, visit Nice restaurants and more.

Sheila and Mats, from Sweden. Looking for help from 28 Jan, 2019

They say: We are looking for a new aupair. Our current aupair will be leaving us. We will miss her, but we have room in our hearts for someone new. Your welcome to chat to our aupair before you accept a position, she will tell you all about our family honestly!;))
The families interests include: Play, swim, go to parks,

Oliver and Katarina, from Sweden. Looking for help from 12 Aug, 2018

They say: Hi, we are an active easy going family that loves the outdoors. Both parents and all the children are into sports but we also like arts and crafts as well as music. We care deeply for nature as a whole, and all human beings and animals alike. We want the children to be compassionate towards each other and everything living, we want them to be open-minded and not religiously or politically indoctrinated in any way. We eat mainly a vegetarian/vegan diet at home.
The families interests include: We love to hang out together and play outside and swim in the lake, go paddle boarding, canoeing etc. In the winter we like ice skating and going skiing together. We love eating meals and having cosy times (watching films on TV, playing board games, reading books) as a family together (of course you'd be a part of that also)

Ann and Göte, from Sweden. Looking for help from 30 Sep, 2018

They say: Dear Au pair We are a family looking for a live-in au-pair/house keeper for our well behaved children of 4 and 10 for 3-12 months, starting autumn 2018. We are looking for a responsible, experienced, loving person with driverslicence and Christian values. Ann is Swedish, father Ratko is born in Zagreb. We are both entrepeneurs, some days we are both at home, some days we are both away.... About us We live in the countryside, 19Km to Malmö 7Km to Lund. Family has several cars, and bicycles. There are also buses. You will be staying in a private small studio (separate, but in same house), even suitable for a couple or close friends. Expectations You should help with pickups from preschool/school (Daycare ~9 - 15) , mealtimes and light household work during weekdays (25 hrs/week).
The families interests include: --

Edita and Karl, from Sweden. Looking for help from 2 Aug, 2018

They say: We are a family living in southern Sweden in a town called Lund. We have two happy and energetic children. We need a kind and responsible person who can help us care for the children and ours home. You vill have your own room in the house an 350 euros per month.
The families interests include: The children play the violin and go to swimming -lessons every week. My husband travels in his work.

Yohanna and Richard, from Sweden. Looking for help from 25 May, 2018

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by family with 1 child on an organic farm in Swedish countryside, our farm is a fun place with a lot of visitors and workers from around the world. Summertime is very work intensiv for us and we would love some help!
The families interests include: We live our work, we produce organic food and eat organic food. We have a lot of beautiful nature around with lakes where to relax and swim. We live and work with our coworkers team and spend most of our social time on the farm, making barbeque and so on.

Lina and Fred, from Sweden. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2018

They say: We have 2 very well-behaved children that manage a lot themselves. We need help with taking children to activities, being with them in the evening specially when we are on work related events or trips. Important is that you talk and teach them chinese when you are together. 2-3 hours of housework a day. Weekends will mainly be days off. No animals.
The families interests include: The children have many actvities both during week and weekends, this is a big part of our live. WE have a garden that need to be taken care off so some hours need to be put in there to. We like to enjoy our house and family. You will be able to learn to swim or start an other activity.

Heidi and Anders, from Sweden. Looking for help from 1 May, 2018

They say: We are a family of 3 - 5: Heidi, 44, Anders, 48 and Kilian born June 11th 2017. Heidi has two children, Julie 17 and Noah 15 from previous marrige. Julie and Noah lives with their father in Denmark and live with us in weekends and holidays. Our motivation to have an au par live with us is to give Kilian the opportunity to learn from Japanese culture and possibly the language. At the same time get a little hand in everyday life. Anders has lived in Japan and speaks some Japanese.
The families interests include: We live in an apartment (208 square meters) in the center of Malmo (on the pedestrian street). We are close to a train station and hence there is only 30 minute commute to the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. Hence there are many opportunities close by. Also language school etc is all in walking distance. Heidi works as a manager in a union. Anders works for Microsoft as a Digital Advisor. At the time Heidi is on maternity leave, going back to work in august. We both study psychology next to wor

Lars, from Sweden. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2018

They say: We are a small family with two wonderful children. One boy that is 8 years old and one girl that is 4 years old. I live alone in a house in the south of Sweden together with my two wonderful children. I am a former researcher with a doctors degree in artificial neural network and working now as CEO in the financial sector.
The families interests include: We like to be together with friends and sometimes go out in the town for having fun. We also like activities for the whole family like going to different types of parks and adventure lands. Sometimes we also enjoy trips by boat to Denmark or having family dinners with our relatives.

Daniel and Tove, from Sweden. Looking for help from 31 Jan, 2018

They say: We are looking for a warm, caring and inspiring person to have fun with that also a help us to take care of our wonderful child. We hope that you have a genuine interest for kids and love to be with them and do things together with them.
The families interests include: We love to travel to both cities and the beaches. By summertime we love to enoy dinners outside and lay down by the pool and relax. In wintertime we go to the mountains to ski as often we can and enoy real winter weather.

Andrew and Tanya, from Sweden. Looking for help from 2 Dec, 2017

They say: We are looking for a happy and energetic au pair who is confident with children and speaks Russian and English. We are looking for a responsible and intelligent person who will fit in perfectly to our family. It would be great if you have your own hobbies that you can share with us. A reasonable amount of housework would be expected, as well as dropping off and picking up our youngest daughter from daycare. Sometimes we may ask you to pick up the kids from school (by train). We love cooking and are happy to share our knowledge with you together. Our Au pair will have her own room which is joined to the house (but separate and private). Also a bicycle which will come in handy!
The families interests include: We are a happy and fun multi-cultural family. Tanya is from Ukraine, Andrew is from Australia, and we are all Swedish citizens, having lived here for 10 years. Sasha is 8 years old, Lewis is 5 years old and Adelia will turn 1 year old in January. The older kids love playing together and are very self-sufficient. Our kids are very sociable and love playing. They are trilingual - speaking English, Swedish and Russian.

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