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Sara and Mário , from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2019

They say: Hi! We are living in Lisbon, a vibrant and affordable city, and full of interesting things to do. And have a plus good wheather almost all year. We are a easygoing family of 4, 2 kids, both in daycare from 9:30am To 5pm. We are both doctors, seeking an outgoing, responsible and sweet live-in Au Pair. Yours sincerely, Sara
The families interests include: Swimming, going To the beach or To the park...

Emily and Simon, from Portugal. Looking for help from 12 May, 2019

They say: I am looking for a live in nanny in the coimbra area Portugal please contact me if you want to come meet me and the children many thanks
The families interests include: Drawing, outside play swimming days out

Vitor, from Portugal. Looking for help from 30 Apr, 2019

They say: Dear Au Pair, are you looking to be part of the family for a long term relationship, not only working but being a family member and sharing a nice time. I'd love that in the future, so we can have that friendship as a family do
The families interests include: Healthy way of life, healthy food, playing sports as biking, hiking, swimming staying on the beach, traveling holidays

Ondine, from Portugal. Looking for help from 29 May, 2019

They say: Nanny/ah pair needed for a family of a newborn. We would like the our future nanny to become part of the family!
The families interests include: Travel, go to the beach and enjoy life.

Nadia, from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Jun, 2019

They say: Se voce é meiga, alegre e tem muito amor para dar, este trabalho pode ser para si. Sao dois meninos e uma das crianças tem necessidades especiais: é autista
The families interests include: swimming, going to parks, travelling, cooking

Veronica, from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2019

They say: Currently looking for someone to look after a 60+ year old couple, living in Boliqieime, Portugal. Mainly to do housekeeping, possibly some cooking, must speak either French or Italian.
The families interests include: Staying in

Nádia and Pedro, from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2019

They say: Hi, My name is Nádia, i live with my two kids in Lisbon. I need help to taking care of my kids (they go to the school during the day) and to do the house chores. Thank you
The families interests include: Play with the kids, ate home and outside.

Manuela and Pedro, from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2018

They say: We are looking for an English native speaker babysitter to take care of our 6 year son 4 times a week after school from 17:00 to 20:00. We live in Lisbon (Belem). Regards, Manuela
The families interests include: Swimming, reading

Severine and Jerome, from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2018

They say: Au Pair needed for a French family living in the centre of Lisbon with 3 kids (8,6,2). We used to live in London so the kids need to practise their English. I work part time, you would look after the kids when I'm working. We have a really nice flat in this great city so you will have plenty of time to visit and enjoy life there also!
The families interests include: going to the beach (20 minutes away from Lisbon), surfing, playing football, going to museums, having fun, meeting friends

Amanda and Nigel, from Portugal. Looking for help from 24 Aug, 2017

They say: Nanny/ au pair required for family with 2 girls aged 2 and 7. We are moving to Portugal from Australia. We are hoping that the right nanny/au pair can help settle our girls into their new life
The families interests include: swimming, eating out, travelling, exploring

Mahmoud and Leila, from Portugal. Looking for help from 20 Oct, 2017

They say: Au Pair in Coimbra, Portugal, for a new born and 5 yrs old. We prefer Native English speaker to teach the kids, but others can also apply. Light housing tasks can be included. The newborn will go to baby care after 3 month of born. The job may be extended for more months if you wish. We expect 2-3 hours per day. We offer a room with private bathroom, in an excellent location of the city.
The families interests include: Swimming, Sunday Camping

Melanie and Arnaud, from Portugal. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2017

They say: Nanny/au pair wanted to take care of 4y twins in August and September 2017, in Cascais, near Lisbon, Portugal. House with garden & pool, private bedroom + ensuite bathroom, evenings and week-ends are free. Perfect position to discover Lisbon and the region.
The families interests include: you will organize activities for the children, with a car dedicated. We have a live-in maid so very few housework needed.

Bruno and Elise, from Portugal. Looking for help from 2 May, 2017

They say: Couple avec deux enfants et un chien. Elise a 35 ans, travaille dans tourisme et est luso-française. Bruno a 34 ans, est plombier et chanteur de hip-hop. Hugo a 6 ans, étudie dans l'école française et veut être paléontologiste. Emma elle a 2 ans et demi, elle est dans une nunu et a beaucoup d'énergie. Et, finalement, Molas c'est le fidèle et le joueur chien de la maison.
The families interests include: We can either talk french or english. We live near the beatch, so we like to go to the beach, we like to go out with the kids to parks, walks in the nature and museums.

William and Miriam, from Portugal. Looking for help from 20 Mar, 2017

They say: We are Family from Switzerland in the Fashion trade business. We have a very cute and adorable daughter of 4 that Needs to be taken care during our business meetings during the day. A gentle and reliable Person with solid english skills is most welcome in sending her cv files.
The families interests include: leisure, sport, cinema

Vojtech, from Portugal. Looking for help from 18 Oct, 2016

They say: Babysitting over two evening at Costa da Caparica
The families interests include: Enjoy the beach

Peta, from Portugal. Looking for help from 5 May, 2016

They say: I have two sons, and I travel regularly for work. Offering room and board, and meals. Live-in.
The families interests include: Our family likes to play and listen to music, go to the beach. Have two cats. The boys like gaming, which I keep to a minimum, movies, skate-boarding.

Jayne and Geoffrey, from Portugal. Looking for help from 30 Aug, 2016

They say: Aupair needed to help with our three children, mainly our two year old son. Looking for someone with a big heart and lots of energy also someone who likes to B outside in nature.
The families interests include: We like being outside.. Growing our food, climbing trees,eating outside and laying in the sun. The kids love doing craft and having a good dance

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