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Ramzi, from Jordan. Looking for help from 10 Aug, 2018

They say: I'm 36 years old with tow kids, I'm a lecturer at university and I like this kind of work
The families interests include: Going to parks, relaxing

Mohmmad and Khetam, from Jordan. Looking for help from 30 Jan, 2018

They say: My name is Ahmad Muhammad Maharma and I am 19 years old and live with my family. I live in Amman, Jordan. I am a person who can adapt to any conditions and situation, and succeed in production even in volatile and unpredictable environments. I am a person who can stand the people I work with no matter how different we are, and I always do what I think is the best. I want to expand my knowledge and share what I have learned to be important. I would love to give where I think more you give. My tasks for children are summarized as follows: Protect your child from any psychological or physical harm, Care and affection for the child and work at his convenience Always delight children and play them Food served them Sleep early and wake up early And work on their personal cleanliness Drawing with them also and singing to them And exercise with them And many things too .. Cooking skills. Of course, basic pastries and basic foods pass through. Learn all the health requirements and use the pr
The families interests include: Swimming, football, going to amusement park

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