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Liza and Liza, from Georgia. Looking for help from 25 Feb, 2017

They say: Dear Friends, First of all let me tell you that there is a mistake in the application form as the system could not register our homeland. We are a mother, grandmother and 2 wonderful children- boy and a girl of 13 an 12 years old living together in Republic of Georgia, Caucasus Region, Capital Tbilisi, in the center. There are many Chinese in our country but they already has come with their jobs or for study. We want to invite a person willing to play and care of our children in Chinese Mandarin
The families interests include: Dear friends, We are a grandmother of 55 years old and a mother, with two wonderful children. We need a person who is willing to -help them learn Chinese Mandarin- to talk and to speak -Sometimes to help them tidy their rooms -Play with them outdoors -It might be some times food preparation needed ( may be you do not like our cuisine) but most of the time- teach them Chinese Mandarine-playing and spending time with them -Internet provided -Room provided -Pocket money provided -Help with document

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