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Barbara and Steve, from Austria. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2018

They say: We are a multinational family - looking for a multinational nanny or somebody who loves children and Austria. If you want to support us with Sophia - our 4 year old - you need to be a super hero. She loves all super heros at the moment.
The families interests include: Every weekend we go out depending on the weather. We love swimming and in summer we drive to nice lakes. Sophia loves the water. Or we discover new places which are child friendly and we can have a good play together. If the weather is not so good we watch movies together.

Peter , from Austria. Looking for help from 7 Sep, 2018

They say: Au pair needed for busy household of single Dad and daughters 7. Would love to have someone bright and wonderful join our little family in our home. Not much work needed from you except to look after my daughter and give her good company. Housework is done by someone else.
The families interests include: We love going swimming, sports, visiting museums

Tünde, from Austria. Looking for help from 10 Jul, 2018

They say: Im a cute dogs sitter,locking to a nice aupair for my bosses dog and house.The chosen oane should walk the dog in a Beautyfoul tourist area near the border of Italy and Slovenia.Possible to visit also German classes 2times per week starting with oktober.I have alredy made a few friends that are opened to meet you and are very friendly.I have to leave the family duo to my moms health conditions.this job would start ASAP.
The families interests include: Working,business trip ,visiting friends

Angelika , from Austria. Looking for help from 15 Jun, 2018

They say: Aupair needed in nice family with dog at beautiful Salzburg
The families interests include: Wer love to be outside swimming, skiing

Andreas and Katherine, from Austria. Looking for help from 20 May, 2017

They say: This is our family intro - will be updated later
The families interests include: We will add our hobbies later

Philip, from Austria. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2018

They say: I am looking for an Aupair again. 2 lovely children and a dog are in the house. We live in a little town but still only 45min to Vienna by train. So enjoy the countryside and visit the city without big afford! Looking forward hearing from you!
The families interests include: Swimming, hiking, being out in the nature. Archery, fishing, whatsoever is fun. I try to keep my children away from the electronic stuff.

Petra and Matthias, from Austria. Looking for help from 15 Jun, 2018

They say: We are a positive, open-minded family with two energetic and bright little boys aged 5 and 7. To help us with childcare, we are looking for a (native) English speaking au-pair/nanny for nine (or more) months. We love to have someone reliable, warmhearted, active and enthusiastic, who enjoys working with kids, can take responsibility and is ready for a new adventure in a beautiful city. We are looking forward to warmly welcoming you in our family and having a lot of fun and unforgettable moments together.
The families interests include: Our family loves to be active, have fun and travel around. Our two boys Leo (7) and Laurenz (5) have a bright, fun and energetic character. They are very active, both love doing sports (skiing, biking, climbing, running, swimming) and, especially Leo, is totally into football. Their hobbies include also reading books, drawing, playing with their lego, playmobil or boardgames, going to the cinema and exploring nature.

Elke and Markus, from Austria. Looking for help from 7 May, 2016

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a nice family with 4 children, cats, ducks, hens and goats. We live nearby a small town between Salzburg and Munich. We need help with childcare and sometimes with the animails, so we all can enjoy life.
The families interests include: outdoor, nature, animails, read, listen to music, bake, visit friends and social relations

Jutta and Christian, from Austria. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2018

They say: Nanny needed for a young family living in Salzburg/Austria. Our boy is 7 years and our girl 8 years old. Both children are used to speak English.
The families interests include: Spending as much time as possible outside - at the playground, hiking and swimming in the pool in the summer and sledging and skiing in the winter.

Harriet and Max, from Austria. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2016

They say: Familie in Wien sucht erfahrenes, selbstständiges und zuverlässiges Aupair mit guten Englisch- Deutsch- oder Spanischkenntnissen, Kochkenntnissen und Reisebereitschaft. Stellen eigene separate Wohnung zur Verfügung und € zahlen 900,- pro Monat sowie Extras (Verhandelbar).
The families interests include: Doing all kind of sports and outdoor activies and being in the nature

Isabella, from Austria. Looking for help from 6 Jan, 2017

They say: I am working as psychologist and in the politic. We live in a House Nest Kufstein in Austria. I need help with my 2 Boys. I am open minded, modern and funny. Looking forward for your answer! Nice greetings from the Mountains. We live at 1000 m. With a wonderful nature und a lot of attractivitys around us.
The families interests include: Playing laughing all day and take care about my two princes (:-)

Karolina, from Austria. Looking for help from 12 Mar, 2016

They say: Au Pair needed for family with 3 children in Austria.
The families interests include: My Family likes going in the parks, playing, swimm.

Tina and Gert, from Austria. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2016

They say: We are looking for a friendly and funny Au-pair-girl that will help us with our two boys!
The families interests include: Tennis, to be active, cooking, make invitations, swimming, skiing, go for weekend trips

Irina and Johann , from Austria. Looking for help from 17 May, 2016

They say: We are a nice Familly with 2 childrens 1 year and 8 years old. We need help with the 8 months child,we need an intern Babysitter,to take care of our childs and do housekepping.
The families interests include: Swimming,going out to walk because we stay in a mountain area,with nice lacks.

Theresa, from Austria. Looking for help from 9 Jun, 2016

They say: Ahoj, jsme malada rodinka, zijici v rakousku ktera hleda au pair pro dceru rok a pul starou.
The families interests include: a

Sebastian and Carmen, from Austria. Looking for help from 15 Aug, 2016

They say: We are a family of four Sophie(3), Arthur(1), my wife Carmen(33) and me(33) living in Vienna.
The families interests include: Hello :-) We, that is Sophie 3 years old, Arthur 1 year old, my wife Carmen (33) and me Sebastian (33). I work in a bank and my wife will soon start to work again as a doctor. No pets so far and probably not for the next year. My wife is originally from Romania, first Craiova then Bucharest, my daughter was born in Bucharest and my son later in Vienna. I come from Salzburg the grandparents as well as uncles of my children still live there, ocasianlly we spend a long weekend over there. Sophie al

Eva and Werner, from Austria. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2016

They say: Au pair for Austrian family with 1 child (1.5y), own car, weekends off, part time, English, French and German spoken
The families interests include: travel, hike, cook, sports

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