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Chularat is 25, from Thailand, and she is available from 6 Jul, 2021

She says: I am friendly, easy going, creative, calm, patient, self-confident and has a lot of humor. On the same hand, I am open-minded and eager to learn new things.
Her interests are: I love to read, cook, gardening and enjoy outdoors activities such as hiking, camping, driving ATV and kayaking.

Watcharaporn is 20, from Thailand, and she is available from 30 Nov, 2021

She says: Hello, my name is Rongkaow and I'm 18 years old. I come from Koh Samui, Koh Samui, a small island full of fun and lovely island in Thailand. People around me have said that I'm a friendly, cheerful, and caring person. My sister told me 'I'm a lovely girl kind and strict sometimes it won't be fun to play with you', hahaha
Her interests are: Exercise, listen to music, read books, novels, cartoons, go out and do things you've never done, take adventures, learn new languages and cultures.

Chatchawan is 25, from Thailand, and she is available from 23 Aug, 2021

She says: I am a very creative and ambitious and I have a lot of ideas for my futureI have a lot of childcare experiences. These experiences taught me many things, such as being punctual, responsible, economical. Being able to solve unexpected problems. Solving these kinds of things helped me to grow as a person and confidently take on new challenges./ aupair
Her interests are: My favorite sports are badminton and swimming. My hobbies are listening to music, cooking and playing Thai instruments.

Thanatdar is 43, from Thailand, and she is available from 25 Aug, 2021

She says: I am kind and love childern, I know english well and little japaness . I went to japan for travel one and I understood japan's culture.
Her interests are: cooking, gardening, farm

Nattapong is 25, from Thailand, and he is available from 1 Sep, 2021

He says: Dear host families my name is Nat I'm looking for a future host family i'm kind and friendly person.
His interests are: learning the new languages and listening to music

Tunyalug is 27, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2022

She says: I can get along well with children. I have responsibilities for all of my jobs.
Her interests are: Watching tv, listening to the music

Arratra is 25, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Jun, 2020

She says: My name is Arratra Jitthin Nick Name DemI'm 23 years old, I'm from Thailand. - Au Pair In America (APIA)- Available From June to start .- Speak Thai, English, Chinese - Love Animals - Cooking (Thai food, Healthy food, Italian, America a little and etc.) Baking - No Smoker - Driver. - I consider myself responsible person, positive, active, kind, calm, gentle, friendly, easy-going, honest, hard working, open-minded.
Her interests are: I love to read book my favorite is Psychology self-development book, I love to cooking and baking, l like to cardio dancing running kick-boxing running yoka, I love to enjoy with kids and animals. I interested in adventure hiking camping and backpack, some time watching soccer and boxing .

Assanee is 25, from Thailand, and he is available from 30 Jun, 2019

He says: .
His interests are: .

Jenny is 43, from Thailand, and she is available from 22 Jun, 2019

She says: A lovely nanny who loves children
Her interests are: 1. I love to do exercise. 2. I love swimming. 3. I live to go to mountain and nature park.

Ploywaree is 22, from Thailand, and she is available from 31 Aug, 2020

She says: Hello! My name is Ploywaree or you can call me more Simple is Penny, I'm 21 years old, I'm interesting to learn German (even now I'm learning German since 7 months by myself), I had experience to work as Nanny and house keeper for 2 months with Swiss/Peru family in Thailand Bangkok. and it was the great experience to work for this lovely people.    The reason why I perfect to be Aupair in your family is I'm very kind person, very easy going, I have good attitude, and love to take care of every
Her interests are: learning language (specially German), drawing, hand craft, table tennis.

Aide is 26, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Jul, 2020

She says: Hello AuPair Family! Im Aide im from Mexico but have been living in Asia for the past 5 years in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and currently in Thailand. Interested in learning japanese and at the moment learning by online classes. I lived before in Japan but only for 2 months in 2015 since then i go back every year becuause i'm always so impress about the culture and language thats why i decide to go study directly there. Please ask me anything. And Nice to meet you!.
Her interests are: I enjoy going to the park and ride my bicycle, going to the gym, listening music, learning new languages and watching Netflix.

Tansita is 25, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Jul, 2020

She says: Dear future host family, Greetings from Thailand!
Her interests are: hiking, singing, swimming, walking, nature

Prapadsorn is 26, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Jun, 2020

She says: Au pair from Thailand called Amp, 24, bachelor's degree in psychology, looking for a nice family who want to share the good moment together.
Her interests are: Reading Playing sport Travelling

Pissanu is 24, from Thailand, and he is available from 23 Feb, 2020

He says: Hello, I am a very new au pair from Thailand. My name is Unn and I am 23 years old. I just graduated from university. And now, I am looking for job abroad, especially doing an au pair as I love children and I like spending time them. Aslo, i would love to learn new cultures and make new friends. Finally, I'd like to work with an nice and friendly family. To be honest, I am not straight man, but if you dont have any issues on this. I would love be part or your lovely family.
His interests are: Music, movies and hanging out with friends

Kongpak is 30, from Thailand, and she is available from 21 Feb, 2020

She says: Starting from 30 March 2020
Her interests are: Friendly , independent , love kids

Pornthip is 29, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2020

She says: Nanny/au pair from Thailand and my name is Tip. 28,I am looking for loving family to work with that can start right away.
Her interests are: Traveling, cooking, and learning languages.

Wiphaphorn is 24, from California, Thailand, and she is available from 30 Apr, 2020

She says: I'm very happy and I am helping a person, friendly, diligent yet, so I used to take care of my nephew from my old sister because she has a son but right now my nephew he is 11 years old and I didn't take care of him. So I have experience with my old sister but that was a long time. And then my spare time I really like travel, photography, read a book quietly in the place or small coffee shop. The between I go to university when I have in the classroom and usually I studying basic french and fren
Her interests are: I would like to take a photos and traveling, fashion sometimes read the book at home when I'm available or free time too much.

Gilea Marie is 30, from Thailand, and she is available from 25 Apr, 2020

She says: My name is Gilea Marie, My friends call me Lea. I'm in my youthful 28. / Au pair/Nanny live in Australia/South Korea/ Seoul Korea. I'm looking for a kind and sweet family -- If given a grace time to process my Visas then I can be with you in any days in the month April 2020.
Her interests are: What I do here in Bangkok when I have free time is to Explore nearby Museums and check out Art Exhibits. I do love Cafe hopping and walking as well. Discovering new places for food-- Strolling in the park. I do also love a small tight cozy get together with close families and friends too.

Angsumalin is 27, from Thailand, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2020

She says: Dear family First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Angsumalun Sriyod so you can call me with my short name as "Nickkie" now I am 25 years old, I come from Thailand as you can call 'the land of smile' I live in an apartment with my twin sister in Chiangmai province it is the north of Thailand.
Her interests are: My favorite hobbies are reading every kind of books, watching movie with every kind of movies, traveling with my sister, trekking, biking, baking, and also I love to cooking!

Suchanya is 24, from Thailand, and she is available from 20 Jul, 2020

She says: I am an Au pair from Thailand, looking for a job with nice and open family. Starting from 20 July 2020 and could stay for 12-24 moths.
Her interests are: I love to sing and definitely love music too. I love to learn new things such as languages and cooking. and I love to travel.

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