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Rolav is 26, from Syrian Arab Republic, and she is available from 1 Oct, 2019

She says: Dear host family, First I would like to thank you in advance for taking a little of your time to read this in order to know a little bit about me. My name is Rolav I am 26 years old I am Kurdish and I live in Aleppo, Syria with my both parents and my two younger sisters and brother. I already have completed my University studies 2 years ago, I am an Architecture. And I would like to give myself the opportunity to know other countries, to be outside my country, to know other cultures, other lang
Her interests are: music, dance and paint

Bilal is 33, from Syrian Arab Republic, and he is available from 1 Jul, 2018

He says: Bilal/au pair from syria looking for a job with a nice family strting from 1/7/2018
His interests are: Music

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