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Radmila is 39, from Sweden, and she is available from 11 Aug, 2021

She says: Musiker, en mamma till två barn, au pair för familjen i London i 1 år
Her interests are: Musik, böcker, konst, natur, sport, psykologi, psykiatri, utländska språk

Joline is 21, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2021

She says: I´m an active and happy scandinavian who is up for new experiences. After graduating from school and militaru services I´m looking for new adventures before taking off to college. I have always loved spending time with my little cousin and her friends, arrange birthday-parties, help with school or just hanging out. Therefore I believe au-pairing is the perfect fit for me.
Her interests are: Travel, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures, spending time with friends and family, work out, outdoor activitys like swimming, skiing, ice-skating...

Anna is 19, from Sweden, and she is available from 14 Sep, 2021

She says: I am a swedish girl with over 3,5 years experience in childcare as a nanny, au pair and in nursery. I am looking for a job and would love to hear from you!
Her interests are: Sports, cooking, being outdoors

Amanda is 23, from Sweden, and she is available from 15 Jun, 2021

She says: I'm an kind person who loves spending time with kids and taking care of them
Her interests are: Travelling, photography and hanging out with friends and family

Ilme-Liina is 31, from Sweden, and she is available from 19 Apr, 2021

She says: My strengths: Entertaining, altruistic, honest, straight forward, fun,reliable, charismatic, caring, warm, social I have a strong personality, not afraid to stand up or speak up. Doing good things makes me feel good (My height is 175 cm ( 5' 9'') But my profile keeps automatically changing to 5' 8'' for some reason)
Her interests are: Jogging, cycling, walking, movies, music, languages, reading, puzzles, games, traveling, eating pancakes

Elena is 26, from Sweden, and she is available from 20 Apr, 2021

She says: I'm from Ukraine, currently aupairing in the south of Sweden. I'm considering to change family in spring. My Swedish visa is valid till September 2021.
Her interests are: Reading, cycling, music

Irawati is 27, from Sweden, and she is available from 2 Feb, 2021

She says: Hello, I'm Ira, 26 years old from Indonesia living in Stockholm at the moment
Her interests are: Cooking, baking, photography

Elaine is 26, from Sweden, and she is available from 8 Aug, 2021

She says: Im a kind, patient and adventurous woman who love to play with children.
Her interests are: I love to read stories from.my wattpad app.

Katharina is 23, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 Dec, 2020

She says: Hello, my name is Katharina, i am 22 years old and i live in Sweden, I am a happy and easy going girl who loves to meet new people, loves children, to learn new langugages and learn about different cultures. I speak 3 langugages, Swedish, English and German o i have just startet to learn a little mandarin and korean. I would love to be an au pair becaus i love to play with children and to teach, and I also want to learn new langugages and culture. I would love to hear from you. Best regards, K
Her interests are: Learning langugages, cooking, reading and going on adventures

Julia is 21, from Sweden, and she is available from 20 May, 2020

She says: (FIRST MATCH THROUGH CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR) My name is Julia. I'm a 19 year old girl from Sweden. I graduated from the best Hotel och Tourism highschool in Sweden. I'm looking to try something new, at the same time as I want to experience a new culture so I thought au pair would be perfect! I have been to USA three times before and I fell in love.
Her interests are: I like going out with friends, painting and cooking.

Tysa is 29, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 May, 2020

She says: Tysa, 28 Indonesia, looking for Au Pair job starting 2020, In Stockholm at the moment. Can starting as soon as possible.
Her interests are: I have so many things to do, they are: Cooking, travelling, culture Exchange, dancing, doing a sport. Usually, when i have a free time i take a Fika time with my friends and cooking.

Ann is 51, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2020

She says: Responsible Au Pair from Sweden looking for a live in position in Finland
Her interests are: Reading, listening to music and taking pictures

Hana is 28, from Sweden, and she is available from 10 Jun, 2020

She says: I'm Hana, Au Pair/Nanny from Indonesia, 27 years old, currently still staying in Sweden as a Nanny until 3rd of June 2020 and looking for a new job starting from end of June. Currently I'm working for Italian-Swedish family and staying in Stockholm, Sweden since June 2019, until my Au Pair visa runs out by June 2020. So, after I finished my contract here in Sweden, I am beyond ready to live, work, and experience with you guys. I was working as a shadow teacher and nanny for special needs with Am
Her interests are: swimming, music, traveling

Monserrath is 28, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2020

She says: Au pair from Mexican roots called Monce, 27 years, looking for a charmy family, starting from January if it requere
Her interests are: do sports as running, swiming or cycling, I like to talk with people and learn language and new cultures

Laly is 23, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2020

She says: Hello, I'm a kind and active person looking for a family in South Korea to be an au pair.
Her interests are: Learning languages, sports, reading, hiking, traveling.

Rikard is 28, from Sweden, and he is available from 10 Jul, 2020

He says: I am a very active person with ton of energy. I love to meet new people, small as adult. Looking forward to this Au pair part! :)
His interests are: Cooking, exploring, swimming, beach, football

Ma Crispina Rose is 22, from Sweden, and she is available from 1 Aug, 2020

She says: I am an open minded person, and loves to taking care of children. I am looking for a new host family.
Her interests are: To travel, to learn new cultures, playing indoors and outdoors activities, watching movies, cooking.

Karen is 31, from Sweden, and she is available from 16 Sep, 2020

She says: Dear Host Family, I am Karen Jorgio, 30yrs old, from Philippines. I am currently working here in Sweden as au pair in my current swedish host family. My contract will end on October 2020. I am looking for my next host family who will provide me my opportunity to grow as a person while offering my new host a great au pairn service. I am definitely excited to begin with my new prosperous host. Thank you and Godbless! My hobbies are playing outdoor activities, like badminton, volleyball, cycling,
Her interests are: Go to church, music, going out with friends

Ebba is 20, from Sweden, and she is available from 20 Feb, 2020

She says: Nanny from Sweden called Ebba, 18
Her interests are: tennis, music, skiing

Esther is 39, from Sweden, and she is available from 25 Jan, 2020

She says: Esther from Kenya,a very responsible mother and great care giver.am looking for a job with a family I can call my family.i have great experience as a single mother.
Her interests are: Cooking,teaching kids how to cook,going out with friends

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