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Uliana is 25, from Liechtenstein, and she is available from 9 Apr, 2020

She says: I'm currently 23 years old girl, with hight education and with big goals in my life. I'm open minded, easy going, lovely, responsible and respectful person. My hobbies are crafting, drawing, playing boarding games, listening to the music, watching movies, walking in nature, hiking, swimming and ect. I'm active person and would be happy to stay with the family who is active tho. At the moment I'm working as an au-pair in city a Schaan, Liechtenstein. I like to be an family member, because I don't
Her interests are: Going out with friends, hiking, drawing

Sarah is 33, from Liechtenstein, and she is available from 1 Feb, 2018

She says: Responsible, fun An Pair from American. Looking to a learn language(in particular German), I love being helpful and I am happy to clean, take care of young and old, cook and tasks
Her interests are: Paddle boarding, go to concerts & skiing

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