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Ayu is 19, from Indonesia, and she is available from 25 Jan, 2019

She says: I am ayu, I am 19 this year, I am a very cheerful and active person, I like to learn new things that are unique and interesting, I really like to socialize and add a lot of friends, I like to do I like to swim, play basketball and many other sports that I enjoy With one goal, I will strive to achieve this goal, I will overcome many obstacles and it will make me happier to reach it. I prefer efforts to results, because efforts never lie to results, I am a humble, patient person.
Her interests are: first i like music,i like listening the music so i can playing piano,and i like doing sport,all the sport,usually i go to gym and after that i'm swimming,and i more spend my time in home but sometimes i go out.

Azizah is 22, from Indonesia, and she is available from 1 Apr, 2019

She says: Hallo lieben familie Ich möchte ein Jahr Aupair sein, um Deutsch zu lernen und Kultur mit meiner Familie und Familie auszutauschen. Ich bin sehr aufgeschlossen, geduldig, fröhlich, unabhängig, diszipliniert, ansprechbar und auch sehr kinderlieb. Ich habe nichts dagegen, Hausarbeit zu helfen und für Ihre Familie zu kochen, wenn Sie asiatische Küche erleben möchten. Ich werde als Au Pair im April anfangen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich bei Interesse. Danke
Her interests are: Ich mag singen, klettern, mit Freunden ausgehen, mit Kindern spielen, und kochen.

Kikaa is 22, from Indonesia, and she is available from 1 Apr, 2019

She says: I love working with children and assisting in their development and growth,I also would like to learn a new language and culture,
Her interests are: I have three little brothers, I have always helped my mother take care of my younger siblings, when i was internship in some hospital I loved to takecare of new born and sick children,and in my free time I love to visit my little cousin and take care of them

Dena Rosidin is 19, from Indonesia, and he is available from 8 Jun, 2019

He says: My Name is Dena Rosidin, you can call me Rosid, i was looking for the host families who can accepted me as an Au Pair. I hope i can be joined. See you!
His interests are: Music, reading books, ciclying

Nanda is 22, from Indonesia, and he is available from 1 Mar, 2019

He says: A little bit about my background with working with children. I have experience with student at elementary school. Collabareted with japanese student for 6 month, we made some programs. Such as making origami, teaching English, drawing a beuatiful beach, teaching how to wash hand correctly, and playing fun games. Best moment is when we teaching student to make origami, one of japanese cultures. all student looked enjoy and happy. all student said to us "This is Amazing experience for us, and I am
His interests are: I enjoy reading books, being active outside (cycling, hiking and climbing the mountain), some sport like football, volley ball, gardening, and watching movies. I love traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. My favorite places I have visited so far are Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta. Hopefully I can add more to that list! My dream is to live in as many countries as possible.

Sherly is 26, from Indonesia, and she is available from 31 Jan, 2019

She says: My name is Sherly, i am au pair from Indonesia, I am 26 years old, i would love to be au pair for a nice family starting 31 January 2019z
Her interests are: Hi, I love sports, watching movies and do some adventurous thing

Dwina is 18, from Indonesia, and she is available from 1 Jun, 2019

She says: I'm currently a student with major in Korean Education
Her interests are: Hello i like to learn new things such as learning languages! My love for languages has beed immersed since i was a child.

Dwi sisi is 19, from New York, Indonesia, and she is available from 11 Feb, 2019

She says: I really like children, when I was a high school senior, after school I taught them a course, I have done it for 3 years, because they are very funny and teach them also very fun
Her interests are: I love calm mountain, cooking,reading a book , my parents always expect me be the best

Erna is 28, from Indonesia, and she is available from 10 Feb, 2019

She says: Im Erna,im From indonesia,im really wanna be Au-Pair soon.. I hope get this host family in here
Her interests are: I wanna cycling, learning new language,play ski on snow, cooking

Agnes is 29, from Indonesia, and she is available from 1 Jul, 2019

She says: I'm Agnes, aupair from Indonesia, looking for host family in Europe who willing to meet new person from other side of the world :)
Her interests are: Travelling, cooking, gardening, sewing

Aisyah is 20, from Indonesia, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2019

She says: Actually I'm not very fluent in English. Sorry I will tell you a little about me. I'm the 4th child of 6 siblings. I have two younger brothers. When I was a child until now, I rarely go on vacation. I really want to go on vacation. I'm not currently attending college because of insufficient fees. I've been through my contract at the factory. And now unemployed at home. I don't know what to do, I really want to have younger siblings to accompany me. I'm so lonely. while at home I study English a
Her interests are: I really like music, art, dance, cycling, traveling, kpop

Rain is 22, from Indonesia, and she is available from 23 Dec, 2018

She says: Dear Family, You can call me Rain, I'm 22 years old, I am a university scholar, but also a sunday school teacher for 3 years, as a story teller, worship leader, and a drummer. I usually teach the elementary kids, but I also have been in the toddler and baby class. I would describe myself as an active person, positive, patience, open minded and warm hearted person. I have a high sympathy, and a good listener.
Her interests are: Sports, movies, travelling

Masith is 25, from Indonesia, and she is available from 7 May, 2019

She says: Au pair from Indonesia called za, 25, looking for job with a nice family. Starting May
Her interests are: Travell, swimming, shopping

Azraqi is 22, from Indonesia, and he is available from 20 Jan, 2019

He says: Hi, Au Pair from Indonesia here. You can call me Azraqi. I am 21, looking for a job with a beautiful and sweet family. Starting from 20 December!
His interests are: I like listening to music. I like cycling and swimming. I also like to watch movies and read books.

Salsabila Khodidjah is 18, from Indonesia, and she is available from 1 Jul, 2019

She says: Hello, Aupair from Indonesia Salsabila, 19, is looking for family in Germany start from juli-september 2019!
Her interests are: Cooking (kochen), musik,

Doni is 18, from Indonesia, and he is available from 1 Mar, 2019

He says: Dear family I'm Doni, im from Indonesia I want to live in abroad, wherever country. I can speak my language is bahasa or indonesian language. I can speak english. And i wanna learn Dutch and French. And im so interesting about oversea, especially Europe, all of countries in Europe. About histories, languages, cultures, etc.
His interests are: Travelling

Slamet is 25, from Indonesia, and he is available from 7 Jul, 2019

He says: Hello. I have a height of 160cm. 65kg weight. I am the 6th child of 7 siblings. I have several nephews aged 2 and 3 years and I think they are very funny and adorable. I am very happy to play and care for them. the brand always makes me happy and happy. I really like to cook and I am very happy if the food I eat is liked by children. I hope that this au pair program can add to my experience with children. thank you
His interests are: Hello my name is Slamet Sanjaya. I am 25 years old. I have graduated from the University of Cooking Education. I really like the children. I think with this au pair program I can get to know children better and can exchange cultures. I hope that this program can provide new experiences and family. thank you

Galuh is 21, from Indonesia, and she is available from 27 Jan, 2019

She says: Just graduated Indonesian, 21, wants to be an AU PAIR in Japan
Her interests are: Reading, playing piano, gardening

Kelvin Aditya is 19, from Indonesia, and he is available from 10 Apr, 2019

He says: Au Pair from Indonesia Called Kelvin, 19 Looking for a host family who loves nature and will start as soon as possible
His interests are: Hiking, Swimming, go to nature

Andy is 27, from Indonesia, and he is available from 25 Oct, 2019

He says: Nanny/ au pair from Indonesia named Andy,28, become an aupair allows the opportunity to be a part of your family.
His interests are: Cycling, the worship of the Church Sunday, weekend host families together.

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