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Wendy is 36, from El Salvador, and she is available from 15 May, 2019

She says: Niñera/au pair de El Salvador. Wendy de 36 años, estoy lista para viajar a partir de 15 de mayo de 2019
Her interests are: Leer, salir de paseo, escuchas música

Gabriela is 29, from El Salvador, and she is available from 1 Dec, 2018

She says: Nanny/au pair from El Salvador born in Guatemala called Gabriela, 29 :) Psychology student (paused), I love to work with kids and to travel so this is the perfect way of starting an adventure doing what I like.
Her interests are: I love to read, listen to music, spend time with my family and going to the gym (it is something that makes me relax). I also enjoy nature a lot I get to visit the beach a lot in my country since it is just 45 minutes away from my home and this is something I deeply enjoy.

Camila is 22, from El Salvador, and she is available from 1 Oct, 2018

She says: au pair from El Salvador called Camila, 22, looking for a job with a nice family, starting from Octuber 1!
Her interests are: 1.Read 2.Run 3.Dance 4. Futbol 5.Going out with friends'

Fatima is 28, from El Salvador, and she is available from 12 Aug, 2018

She says: Fatima, 27, psychologist, looking to work with a nice family, as a nanny or au pair, starting from 12 August!
Her interests are: Walking, enjoy long chats with my loved ones and drinking coffee

Jean François is 19, from El Salvador, and he is available from 27 Apr, 2018

He says: Mi nombre es Jean Guerra tengo doble nacionalidad salvadoreña y Francesay quisier trabajar con una familia conocer su cultura y poder dar lo mejor de mi
His interests are: Hacer deportes como natacion fútbol ciclismo Etc. Me gusta el mundo del café soy barista con diplomas y tostador, me gusta oa música de todo tipo pasar tiempo en familia y las actividades al aire libre.

David is 22, from El Salvador, and he is available from 15 Feb, 2018

He says: Au Pair de El Salvador llamado David Salguero, con 20 años, busco trabajar e interactuar con una familia agradable, para poder conocer mejor su idioma, tradiciones, costumbres y culturas locales, hablo muy bien el español y podría enseñarle a los niños pequeños para que aprendan a temprana edad. :)
His interests are: Me gusta andar en bicicleta, tocar mi trompeta en tiempos de ocio, salir con amigos, conocer personas y culturas ajenas a la mía.

Alejandra is 29, from El Salvador, and she is available from 23 Oct, 2016

She says: My name is Alejandra, I am 25 years old, I live in San Salvador, El Salvador. I consider myself friendly, helpful person and student of the Universidad Evangelica de El Salvador. I am experiencing in working with children at church, teaching about the gospel (from 4 years) and at the same time being an organizing activities for them in order they get fun not just teaching values, I like children I am happy being with them exploring the world together.
Her interests are: I am Alejandra,I consider myself friendly, responsible and kind person, I like to have many friends and love nature and work with children to explore the world together

Wilber is 25, from El Salvador, and he is available from 15 May, 2016

He says: Hello! My name is Wilber I'm 22 years old, I'm from El Salvador and I'm a new au pair looking for any kind of job, staring from 15 may.
His interests are: Swimming, music, sports, learning new things

Stacy is 23, from El Salvador, and she is available from 12 Aug, 2016

She says: Nanny/au pair From El Salvador called Stacy, 20, looking a good family, to help them, starting 1 September.
Her interests are: I am a very active person, with interest than me, I like singing, dancing, and playing the violin in my free time. My favorite sports are swimming and playing basquetall always try how to be constantly moving and doing crafts at home, helping my parents, at times I like to visit a small farm there on the outskirts of the city, clear my head a little. I do not consider myself an angry person, much less morose, always try to go around smiling and enjoying life.

Claudia is 24, from El Salvador, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2018

She says: Hello My Future Host Family, My name is Claudia Cerna. I am 23 years old, and I am Salvadoran girl. I am so excited to be part of this cultural exchange. I am willing to learn more about the language and traditions, as well as provide and excellent cultural care for your children. My main language is Spanish and I am more than happy to share my world, my culture and even some Spanish words and phrases to your children. I am expecting to be part of a family with moral values, where respect and
Her interests are: Handcrafts, Sports, Music

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