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Maria is 20, from Chile, and she is available from 31 Aug, 2019

She says: María, Au Pair from Chile, 20 years old, searching for a family starting from the end of Agust 2019!
Her interests are: Singing, walking, cooking

Trinidad is 20, from Chile, and she is available from 30 Nov, 2019

She says: Aupair from Chile called Trinidad, looking for a job with a nice family, starting from December!
Her interests are: Besides childcare experience, I also love reading books, do outdoor activities, do sports (like snow and watter ski, running, trekking), watching movies, animals ( i have tho dogs), listening music, , being with my family, traveling and learning about other cultures and ways of life, meeting new people, talking and sharing experiences, going out with friends or preparing lunch or dinner with my family or with my friends too. I like healthy eating, cooking and trying new flavors but, therewith, I

Lissette is 33, from Chile, and she is available from 15 Aug, 2019

She says: Liz, trust worthy Au pair, looking for a job in any country!
Her interests are: Dancing, horse riding, cycling

Camila is 20, from Chile, and she is available from 2 Aug, 2019

She says: Nancy/au pair from chile called Mila,19, looking for a Job with a good family, and i know how to talk in english and spanish.
Her interests are: I like to write, sing, play guitar sometimes , do exercise, take photos,etc.

Edward is 24, from Chile, and he is available from 30 Oct, 2018

He says: Au pair de Venezuela, mi nombre es Edward, 23, en busca de trabajo con una buena familia a partir del 1de Septiembre.
His interests are: Pesca, ciclismo, compartir en familia.

Natalia Valentina is 22, from Chile, and she is available from 20 Dec, 2018

She says: Au pair from Chile. My name is Natalia, I'm 21 years old, I want to learn different people with different cultures. I'm a Happy person and I like to play games with kids.
Her interests are: Cycling, trekking, learn about different culture culture and languages.

Tamara is 26, from Chile, and she is available from 1 Oct, 2019

She says: Soy una mujer que estudió pedagogía en educación infantil/inicial, por lo que tengo experiencia en la enseñanza y cuidado de niños y niñas, soy muy amable y cariñosa con ellos, me encanta salir a pasear y jugar, pero a la vez soy rigurosa al momento de que realicen sus deberes, tanto de la escuela como de la casa, alentándolos a hacer un buen trabajo mientras se divierten. I am a woman who studied Early Childhood Pedagogy. Therefore, I'm experienced in teaching and taking care of children. I'm
Her interests are: Know the contry. Take a course to learn English. Have free time to go out and visit the area.

Rocío is 18, from Chile, and she is available from 25 Apr, 2019

She says: Au pair de chile, me llamo Rocío, tengo 17 años (abril 18), estoy buscando una buena familia para poder ayudar con sus hijos, a partir de abril, mi objetivo al viajar como au pair es aprender el idioma inglés y ayudarlos con sus pequeños. :)
Her interests are: Me gusta la musica, nadar, estar con niños, enseñar y cantar

Charlotte is 29, from Chile, and she is available from 1 Feb, 2019

She says: Experienced nanny from France, speaking English and learning Spanish, looking for a nice family in Santiago
Her interests are: Going for walks Listening music Travelling

Camila is 28, from Chile, and she is available from 1 Oct, 2018

She says: I'am Camila from Chile, 26, I'am Psychologist and have experience with diferents childrens.
Her interests are: I like music in general, cinema, travel, adventures, sport.

Catalina is 18, from Chile, and she is available from 21 Mar, 2019

She says: I'm catalina , looking for an au pair job with a nice family , my preference is start on march 2019
Her interests are: Makeup ,improve languages, nature and learn about new cultures

Suellen is 28, from Chile, and she is available from 24 Aug, 2018

She says: hello family, ,Great to see you here,Welcome! i hope you like me, i am suellen, i am looking for au pair to start in August.
Her interests are: esportes, bike, turism

Carla is 22, from Chile, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2018

She says: Nanny/Au Pair from Chile. Name: Carla Age: 21 Looking for a nice family and hopefully be part of it, starting from September :)
Her interests are: I like music, swimming, running, have a good time with your kids, I love animals especially cats. I also love getting to meet new people, their cultures and traditions.

Lara is 20, from Chile, and she is available from 22 Sep, 2017

She says: au pair from Germany Currently Living in Chile is looking for a nice and welcoming family
Her interests are: Music, reading, playing piano, going outside, arts and crafts

Claudia is 46, from Chile, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2018

She says: Claudia de chile, 44, busca trabajar con una agradable familia con o sin hijos a partir del mes de marzo
Her interests are: Hacer deportes Escuchar música Leer

Karla is 23, from Chile, and she is available from 5 Jan, 2018

She says: Au pair from Chile called Karla, 21, speak german and english, looking for a job with an amazing family, starting as soon as possible!
Her interests are: Roller skating, singing and going out with friends

Francisca is 22, from Chile, and she is available from 1 Jun, 2018

She says: my name is francisca, i am 20 years old, i am chilean. I have a technical degree in kindergarten care. I speak spanish and a little bit of english.
Her interests are: to know new people, cultures, languages, places

Josefa is 22, from Chile, and she is available from 30 Jan, 2019

She says: I want to work as an Au Pair because I am a good nanny, I like to interact with people and take good care of children, and also because it is an excellent opportunity to meet new countries, cultures and learn the language better.
Her interests are: My name is Josefa, I am 21 years old and I live in Chile with my parents and my older sister. About my studies I graduated from international gastronomy. I am an energetic person with a gift of attention and I get along very well with young children and I would like to teach them about my language. My hobbies are taking pictures, cooking, going for a walk.

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