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Akodégbè Alexandre is 34, from Benin, and he is available from 3 Oct, 2021

He says: I'm from Bénin. I'm name is Alexandre i'm 24 years old. I'm looking for a job with a nice family,starting from 3 October.
His interests are: Playing football,swimming,singing.

ZIVON is 28, from Benin, and she is available from 5 Nov, 2019

She says: Au pair from Bénin called Josette, 26; looking for a job whith Nice familly, starting ommediatly Thanks
Her interests are: Cycling, Music Going out whith friends Make sportives activities

Estelle Victoire is 34, from Benin, and she is available from 16 Aug, 2019

She says: Nany/au pair from Benin called Estelle. Im looking to for a job whit a nice family ...
Her interests are: Music

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