The team work to keep this site as safe as possible for families and au pairs. Some of our team are in fact Family Members, and we understand how important this is.

For this reason, the only people who can see your full profile are au pairs or nannies who have registered. To protect your privacy, NO-ONE can see your contact details. This includes au pairs, nannies, unregistered visitors, and Google and the other search engines.

This site is intended to be family-friendly. However, registration is automatic and we can not personally review each profile that is added, due to the numbers of profiles involved. If you ever see anything on this site which you object to, we would ask you to contact us.

The vast majority of users of this site will be totally genuine people. However, as with every area of life, there are always a few people who try to spoil it for the rest of us. If you suspect that a candidate is not what she or he says, please let us know.

Naturally, membership of this site is at our absolute discretion and we may take whatever actions we deem appropriate following any emails from families about any of the above.

Best regards
The team

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