At this time of year, many parents are thinking of the long summer holidays for their children. And they are thinking of getting some help and a summer au pair can be just the answer!

For many parents, this is a time when having an extra pair of hands is very useful – someone to look after the children when they can’t be there, or to take them to sports or amusement parks, or to help around the house, or to teach their children a foreign language.

A summer au pair can be just the answer!

Millions of girls and boys from around the world are finishing school, college or university, and face 2 or 3 months of holidays. Thousands of them worldwide decide to become an au pair for the summer, in order to learn another language, to earn some money to help them through their education, and to travel and experience another culture.

For this reason, the number of young people looking for au pair jobs increases at this time of year.

This means families can get an excellent choice and can find someone who is ready to travel at very short notice. Why not register free to become a Family Member now, and start finding a summer au pair within the next 10 minutes?

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