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David and -, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2019

They say: Single Father looking for some help with my 10yr old boy and 4 yr old girl in a live in situation. I need someone who is happy to drop and pick up the kids to school, and loo after them whilst I am occupied elsewhere. Some house duties required also But the children are very well behaved and a joy to look after
The families interests include: Bush walks, camping, beach, sport, shopping, movies

Tara and Philip, from Australia. Looking for help from 24 Jun, 2019

They say: Nanny needed for family with 8 year old boy in Mosman Sydney. Need someone who can be fun and play with our son but also discipline when necessary. A balance!
The families interests include: Swimming at the beach, going to the movies, playing tennis, board games, exercising, bush walking, cooking

Nazeem and Joanne , from Australia. Looking for help from 7 Jun, 2019

They say: Family based on the Gold Coast, Australia looking for amazing Au Pair to become part of our family. We have 2 amazing children plus a dog and a cat. The beach is 15 mins away! Flexible 3-12 months
The families interests include: We are looking for someone from 3 - 12 months, we are flexible. We live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is an amazing place to live and bring up children. We can walk to our local supermarket and Helensvale shopping centre is 5 mins drive away. We participate in a lot of community-based activities, such as Scouts. A normal day for us, the children get up and go to school. After school they come home and do a variety of activities, such as scouts/children's gym, and be normal children. Th

Rasha and Mohamad, from Australia. Looking for help from 3 Jul, 2019

They say: Au pair needed to care for 2 children (3 years old and 18 month old) and to do some chores.
The families interests include: We're very outdoorsy. Love to discover new areas and being outdoors. We would have just moved to Penrith, so we will be constantly discovering all its surrounding natural beauty and all that it has to offer. Penrith is just an hour by train away from Sydney and is a few minutes away from the beautiful Blue Mountains. There's also a nice river in Penrith with a few activities and cafe's around it. We also love to go to shows, festivals, local events, etc. W also love to try new things and

Jill and Brendon, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 May, 2019

They say: Family of 3 and a small dog. Planned out rostered work giving opportunity to travel.
The families interests include: Swimming, sun shine, enjoy each other's company

Danielle and Mark, from Australia. Looking for help from 8 Jul, 2019

They say: Nanny / au pair needed for 2 gorgeous little girls, with a friendly family in Sydney (+ pool and gym!)
The families interests include: Read, go to playground, art, sing children's songs, explore!

Angela and Troy, from Australia. Looking for help from 5 Jul, 2019

They say: Au pair wanted for shift working family. Expect to be part of a family as we will treat you as such. Would love to share our Australian culture and learn about yours.
The families interests include: Beach, fishing, holidays

Alana and Nathan, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

They say: We are a fun Family from Western Australia with 8 y/o boy and 9 y/o girl. Mostly requiring before and after school care, drop off and pick up from school and transport to sporting activities after school. Have 2 older sons (18 & 17) but they look after them self pretty much.
The families interests include: We live within a 5 minute drive to 3 beaches so we like to spend our time there as well as fishing and camping when time permits, sports. Swimming (have a pool in backyard) But we also like to unwind and hazy lazy lay about days too. We are also a ice skating, ice hockey and kick boxing family too.

Lisa and Martin, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Aug, 2016

They say: Au pair wanted for couple in Sydney, Australia, to help with 5 year old boy & 3 year old girl while Mum works from home.
The families interests include: Meeting up with friends, going to playgrounds, beaches, cooking, swimming, exploring Sydney.

MIKHAIL and JSHANNA, from Australia. Looking for help from 14 Apr, 2019

They say: Jewish family in Australia looking for Jewish Religious young woman to join us to help with 3 young children Mother is pregnant and due to give birth end April.
The families interests include: Just hanging at home friends community events as religious jews most outings are religious events festivals etc of which their are plenty.

Ajna, from Australia. Looking for help from 15 Jun, 2019

They say: Looking for someone to live in the big bedroom with its own entrance in our beautiful home in Mullumbimby Australia, next to the river. I am a single mom from the US and have a almost - 2 year old daughter, she is an angel. I am looking for support for a live in beuatiful soul open minded as I am a yoga teacher breathworker spiritual being. Hope to find the right fit!
The families interests include: We like to go to the beach and the parks and relax and play

Jarrod, from Australia. Looking for help from 25 Apr, 2019

They say: this is for a week while i am away on business. we have a beautiful house, in a beautiful suburb, with beautiful and courteous children. i will be here for 2 days to show you how the house operates.
The families interests include: soccer football guitar movies

Jade and Laurie , from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

They say: Au pair needed by a fun family with 1 child and 2 dogs, to help us with the weekly routines so we can work our full time jobs.
The families interests include: Swimming, gymnastics, going to the parks and beach

Elizabeth and Paul, from Australia. Looking for help from 20 Jan, 2017

They say: Hi, we are Paul and Liz from Australia. We're looking for an au pair with a great attitude and sense of humour to come and stay with us and help look after our 4 year old daughter Charlotte, and our 2 year old daughter Madeleine.
The families interests include: travel, good food and good wine, we love to entertain so good company is also important to us! We also like getting out and about whenever possible.

Deanne, from Australia. Looking for help from 30 Apr, 2019

They say: Looking for a live in au pair for an awesome family of four.
The families interests include: We like a bit of everything we are active and outdoors

Catherine and Rainer, from Australia. Looking for help from 2 May, 2019

They say: Demi-pair needed for about 20 hours a week in Sydney near the ocean. 3 kids. We would prefer a girl with christian values.
The families interests include: Play in the garden, ride bike in our street with neighbours, listen to music, go to the beach.

Andrea and Paul, from Australia. Looking for help from 11 Jun, 2019

They say: We are the Eaton / Chivers family: parents Andrea and Paul and our 2 gorgeous boys, Brodie 7 years and Lachlan, or Lachie as we call him, 4 years, who are both in full time school. We also have 3 very friendly non-shedding dogs and fish. Your main role will be to get the boys up and ready for school, drive them to school and then collect them at the end of the day. You will also be required to prepared simple meals when Andrea is working at normal meal time. Andrea works at a local hospital operating theatre. Paul is a Heavy Equipment operator on a remote mine site and lives away from home for 2 weeks and home for 1 week. Both Paul and Andrea were born and raised in Australia and enjoy travel, both home and abroad, and spending time with family. We recently purchased a camper trailer and look forward to getting out and exploring the great outdoors with our boys and our future Au Pair.
The families interests include: Both boys do regular swimming and tennis lessons. They are also playing junior Australian Rules Football during winter. We like to spend time with family and friends and we like to get out and go camping.

Britt and Tom, from Australia. Looking for help from 17 Apr, 2019

They say: Time: From now until the beginning of July (3 months) Location: The gorgeous city of Newcastle, NSW, Australia Children: We have two beautiful girls aged 4 and 5, who are very well-behaved, kind and loving. Duties: ~ 1 and a half days care of our youngest ~ drop offs and pick ups to school and preschool ~ some light housework, laundry, shopping and cooking ~ Approximately 25 hours a week in total Benefits: ~ Friendly and flexible family ~ Weekends off ~ Own room and bathroom ~ Live in or next door- whichever option you prefer. Board is covered for either. ~ Meals and bills included ~ Generous pocket money ~ WIFI and mobile included ~ Netflix included ~ Access to family car ~ Thank you gift (thinking a day spa experience)
The families interests include: We love hanging out together, going on adventures to parks, the beach and the pool. Our little girls love art and craft and exploring nature. We are a laid back and cheerful family!

Lyndelle and Peter, from Australia. Looking for help from 5 May, 2019

They say: Hi future Au Pair - we are seeking a new big sister to join our family to be there & care for our boys, ages 9&8yrs, when we can't due to work. They are truly each others best friends and love a wide variety of activities, sports and the arts. We are only 6km from the CBD & have public transport on our doorstep. I'm a shiftworker in the Airline industry and my husband is in the Police Force. Due to our shift work you will only work a 1/2day & your days working will be mainly either a 6am-midday shift or 1pm-7pm shift weekdays. So even on your days working you will still have time to explore BRISBANE. You will have a minimum of 2 days off (up to 4days off in a row) We hope to hear from you soon for more detailed info. Looking forward to hearing from you if you'd love to be a member of our family Lyndelle
The families interests include: We have a pool at home which is used a lot across Spring and Summer - the boys also love a wide variety of activites, most sports, the theatre and movies, drama & dancing, attending galleries,museums and amusement parks.

Astrid and Astrid, from Australia. Looking for help from 19 Apr, 2019

They say: Dear Au Pair, We are a lovely family of 3 girls. I myself am 37 years old, Charlotte is 8 and Georgia is 6. I am American and have loved living in Sydney on and off for 12 years. My girls are sweet, kind and best friends! We also live with a beautiful cat Catty Lizzy. We enjoy the beach, music, shopping, getting our nails done, crafts and coloring, eating good food and having friends over to play! The girls especially enjoy their trampoline in our oversized yard! You would have your own room and access to a car if needed on occasion. About us We live in Mosman on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney! Just a 10 min bus ride puts you in the heart of the city which is one of the reasons why we love it here. You are so close to all that the city has to offer. Every day life for us looks like this. I currently work 5 days a week at Orangetheory Fitness as the head fitness coach. Some days I am up and out of the house before anyone is awake! The girls get up between 7-8am. Have
The families interests include: soccer, ballet, the beach, festivals, music shows, dancing singing

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