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1. Click here to register. When you have finished, you will automatically receive your login and password by email. To start your account, click on the link provided on the email and au pairs and nannies will then be able to see your profile - without your contact details, to protect your privacy! During registration, you will also be able to describe the type of person you are looking for.

2. You can then start searching for your new au pair or nanny. By clicking on “Our New Au Pair Wizard” you will see summaries of all au pairs or nannies who match your requirements. Click on the ones which look most interesting to you, to see their profiles. On our Quick Search and Advanced Search pages you can also do your own search for au pairs, using different choices.

3. When you find an au pair or nanny that you really like, you can click "Add to My Favourites". You can add as many au pairs as you like. By adding them to this list you can go back and have a look at all the ones you liked best, giving you a choice.

4. Once you have added a nanny or au pair to “My Favourites”, they will automatically receive an email telling them that you are interested, but will not be able to send you a personalised email. They will, however, be able to send you an automated email from our web site to tell you if they are interested. We call this a "match"!

Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes, and it’s currently FREE. We hope you will like this site, and will help us to keep it safe and secure for both families seeking au pairs or nannies, and the young people from around the world who are looking for jobs.

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- Dalia S, United Kingdom