1. Click here to register. Simply enter your details in each box. When you have finished, click “submit”. You will then automatically receive a confirmation of your login and password by email. Click on the link provided on the email to start your profile and families will then be able to see your profile.

2. During registration, you will also be able to describe the type of family you are looking for.

3. Next, use the "My Perfect Family" wizard, which performs an automatic search and shows all the families who match your choices. You can then view these families on your “My Perfect Family Wizard” page. Click on the ones which look most interesting to you to see their full profiles.

4. When you find a family you really like, you can click "Add to my Favourites". The family will automatically receive an email telling them that you are interested in them.

5. If they are interested, they will email you, or they might add you to their Favourites List and contact you at a future date when they have chosen a shortlist. If they add you to their favourites, you will receive an automatic email telling you this.

6. If the family is not interested, newaupair.com strongly encourages the family to tell you. However, some families receive a large number of emails about au pairs and nannies interested in them, and it is possible that they might not have the time to reply. Fortunately, most families are courteous and will send you an email.

7. If the family says they are interested in you, normally they will ask you more questions. This does not mean that they are making you an offer of a job. It simply means they would like to know more about you before they decide.

It is important to remember that around the World there are more au pairs seeking families than there are families offering jobs. When you find a family that you like, remember that you may be in competition with other au pairs to be chosen. (See: Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Au Pair Profile.)

Some au pairs register and just wait for families to contact them. Is this a good idea?

No, we do not recommend this. Remember, thousands of au pairs and nannies are looking for their perfect family, and the best families on this web site will not need to come looking for you. They wait for au pairs or nannies to show interest by using the "Add To My Favourites" system.

It is better to take control of your hunt for a job by searching this site on a regular basis, and adding suitable families to your Favourites List. Families join this web site every day, so you should keep checking to see which ones you like.

Good luck, from the newaupair.com team!

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