Employment requirements and conditions for au pairs and nannies change on a regular basis in every country. Please note it is YOUR responsibility to check the most up-to-date information on government websites. Thank you!

  • Age: between 18 and 30
  • Salary (Pocket money): Currently there is no available information on salaries or Numbers of hrs to work and day off available.
  • Visas: Au pairs from Nordic countries do not need a work permit or a residence permit to work in Sweden. Au pairs from EEA* countries do not need a work permit to work in Sweden. However, if they are employed for more then 3 months, they have to apply for a residence permit. Au pairs from countries that are not part of the EEA* have to have a work permit in their passport before they enter Sweden to work. Sweden has a working holiday agreement with Australia and New Zealand that allows au pairs from Australia and New Zealand to work in Sweden on a working holiday visa for 12 months. For more information see Visa requirements for Sweden.
  • Duration of stay: Depends on the visa that they require.
  • Health Insurance: It is not a requirement to have insurance to work in Sweden however, it is advised that an au pair has both health and travel insurance
  • Travel costs: Travel costs to Sweden from the au pair's home country should be covered by the au pair. However, if the host family wants to pay for a part of the costs, it is suggested that they do so after the au pair has stayed with them for at least half of the agreed time.

*The EEA is defined as the European Economic Area which is made up of the EU countries, plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

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