Employment requirements and conditions for au pairs and nannies change on a regular basis in every country. Please note it is YOUR responsibility to check the most up-to-date information on government websites. Thank you!

  • Age: An au pair should be between the ages of 18 and 27 years old
  • Salary (Pocket money): An au pair can expect to be paid €50-€60 per week whilst an au pair Plus is paid €80-€90per week.
  • Number of hrs to work and days off: On average, an au pair works 30 hours per week plus 1 or 2 nights of baby-sitting whilst an au pair plus works 40 hours per week plus 1 or 2 nights of baby-sitting.
  • Visas: EU Citizens do not need a visa to be an au pair in Spain and just need a valid passport or identity card. Non-EU citizens need a visa to work as an au pair and simply need to contact their local Spanish consulate or embassy to request one. For more information on the requirements see Visa requirements for Spain
  • Duration of stay: A person can only work in Spain as an au pair for a maximum of two years.
  • Health Insurance: EU citizens have all health costs covered by the Social Health Security of Spain. EU citizens will need a European Health Insurance Card from their health insurance to have their health costs covered. Non-EU passport holders should enquire with their proper local authorities about what kind of medical insurance documents they must present.
  • Travel costs: Travel costs to Spain from the au pair's home country should be covered by the au pair. However, if the host family wants to pay for a part of the costs, it is suggested that they do so after the au pair has stayed with them for at least half of the agreed time
  • Language courses: Non-EU citizens must be enrolled in a Spanish Language course before their arrival, in order to obtain their visa to stay in Spain for more than three months.

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