Employment requirements and conditions for au pairs and nannies change on a regular basis in every country. Please note it is YOUR responsibility to check the most up-to-date information on government websites. Thank you!

  • Age: Au pair should be between 18 and 30
  • Salary (Pocket money): An au pair can expect to earn about €70/week for a 30 hour week
  • Number of hrs to work and days off: There are three different types of au pair classifications in Norway. Under each, an au pair is expected to work a different number of hours. In detail, these 3 are:
    • Au Pair:
      An au pair works approximately 30 hours a week (typically 5-6 hours a day) and has one or two full days off a week. They should also be prepared to babysit 2-3 evenings a week as part of their duties.
    • Au Pair plus:
      An “au pair plus” au pair will have the same duties as an au pair however, they will be required to do more babysitting. As an au pair plus they would take care of the children during the day whilst also doing evening babysitting and could be left with a baby during the day.
    • Mother's help:
      A mother’s help au pair will work around 8 hours a day. Whilst this is longer hours than an au pair, the duties are very similar. However, it is more likely they will be left in sole charge of children, sometimes very young children, for part of or all of the day.
  • Visas: In order to become an au pair in Norway it is necessary for an individual to apply for a work permit at the Norwegian embassy of their home country, before going to Norway. Also, in order to apply for a work permit once an au pair has to have been invited to work for a host family and have received a signed contract from them. For more information see Visa requirements for Norway.
  • Duration of stay: The minimum stay as an au pair is six months whilst the maximum stay is two years.
  • Language requirements:: A basic knowledge of English is required.
  • Health Insurance: The host family will register the au pair with the Norwegian Health Service which will cover them during their stay. This means that if they get ill during their stay, they will only have to pay a small fee for the medical treatment at the hospital or the doctor.
  • Travel costs: Travel costs to Norway from the au pair's home country should be covered by the au pair. However, if the host family wants to pay for a part of the costs, it is suggested that they do so after the au pair has stayed with them for at least half of the agreed time
  • Language courses: The host family has to give the au pair the opportunity to attend Norwegian language courses and the Norwegian language must be spoken as the main language in everyday life.

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