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An au pair agency can be used in circumstances where either the au pair or family feel they need to carry out additional checks on either party to give them additional peace of mind before the au pair position is agreed upon. Obviously, New Au Pair has a much bigger choice of au pairs than a small agency, and so many families use this site to find a person and then provide their details to an au pair agency to carry out these checks.

The au pair agency will process a complete application for both parties which can include an application form, an essay to describe the person, references, a medical report, and other checks. You can also be given the opportunity to interview the candidate over the telephone to discuss all aspects of their application further.

In the future, the list below will allow you to choose an au pair agency by country, although we will not endorse a particular company’s services over another’s. Their web site address and contact information will be provided, but it will be up to you to decide which au pair agency you wish to use.

PLEASE NOTE that, whilst most countries do not require you to use an au pair agency, the US does require families and au pairs to use one of the US Government’s designated agencies. This au pair agency can generally provide families with all the information they need about hiring an au pair in the US, visa formalities, and help families with the background checks and medical checks that are required. Details of this can be found on the Visa Requirements for the US page.

Aupair agencies will provide guidelines for the duties of an aupair and the hours that she or he should work. Many aupair agencies say that, as well as taking care of the children, an aupair should assist with light housework, help with cooking and be available for babysitting one or two evenings per week. Depending on the country, the au pair agencies' services can include advice on salary ("pocket money"), the number of hours that should be worked per week, and how many days off per week.

However, whilst these services are provided by au pair agencies, it is important to remember that the relationship between an aupair and a host family depends on the expectations and needs of each party. Agencies' services can simply help by providing advice but it is up to the family and the aupair to make decisions about the duties, hours of work a week and number of days off, subject to their country's rules, if any. It is, therefore, important that an aupair and their host family discuss each party’s expectations before deciding on whether they are well suited for each other.

Aupair agencies can also help families by listening to these expectations and then ensuring that the candidate meets the family’s expectations. Many families simply use the vast choice on New Au Pair to find someone that they like and then pass their details on to an agency to run all the checks or other services.

Please note that whilst a very large number of American families use this site because of its enormous choice of candidates, the US does require one of the US Government’s designated aupair agencies to be used for all the formalities. For details, see the Visa Requirements for the US page.

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