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Nanny and Au Pair Jobs from mexico

   Au pair or nanny wanted by Michela and Michael, from Mexico
They say: We are looking for an honest good person who is good with Children. Someone who is a positive person who is energetic about life. We want someone who will be good to our Children and who is good with a family environment.
The family's interests include We love our family. Our family and those involved in our lives come first. We love to swim, snorkel, dive, boating, travelling, movie night with family and many more things
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Simone and Javier, from Mexico
They say: Au Pair needed by international family leaving in Mexico to help us taking care of our 2 children.
The family's interests include Playing outside, going on walks, swimming, travel
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Elena V and Richard, from Mexico
They say: Looking for au pair/nanny to join our multicultural family of two bright kids. email (elenavic) at American On Line Traveling to Cancun next week
The family's interests include We enjoy spending time together, going to the movies, playing games, shopping, cooking autdoors, we have a big fun family and host/attend family gatherings often, we enjoy taking trips over the weekend to our favorite colonial city San Miguel de Allende as well as vacationing in Cancun and Vallarta, a couple of times a year.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Christi and Albert, from Mexico
They say: Live-in nanny needed for family with 2 small children. Frequent travel required. Must be able to obtain most visas worldwide and be willing/able to maintain family's fast pace. English speaking is a must, and must either speak basic Spanish or be willing to learn. We travel very frequently and need someone who isn't afraid of flying and is comfortable maneuvering through airports, and exploring new cities, and trying new foods.
The family's interests include Travel, swimming, hiking, being outdoors, soccer, hanging out with Mickey & Minnie Mouse, relaxing at the beach
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Richard and Gallina, from Mexico
They say: Beautiful children 10 year old boy, 6 year old girl living in Cancun need a nanny
The family's interests include Travel, scuba diving and fishing
   Au pair or nanny wanted by dave , from Mexico
They say: nanny needed for boy 10 and girl 9 at our beach house in baja, mexico. child care, sports and shopping. pool, jacuzzi and nice beach.
The family's interests include swim, jet ski, atv, horseback riding, shopping, weekend trips, school events. walk on the beach and hiking. we have a new puppy.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by liz and angel, from Mexico
They say: Hello! Emilio (8) and Nicolas (7) are eagerly looking for an intelligent, funny, playful and responsible caretaker, preferably an English native speaker. They are Mexican, but attend a British curriculum school, so they need to reinforce their language skills between 2 pm and 7 pm Mo-Fri (sometimes earlier). We travel a lot around Mexico on the weekends (we have a nice country house by a lake) and also abroad, so we expect your company in some of those journeys too!
The family's interests include travel, swim, soccer, paint, artscraft, going to movies, sailing, cycling, playing with our dogs, wii, trying new hot restaurants
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Lindsay and Ernesto, from Mexico
They say: We are a Canadian family living in Merida, Mexico. This is a beautiful city which is ranked as the safest in Mexico (and it's true - I'm really impressed!) As a Canadian, I really like my safety, and I would not live in a place if it didn't have a great vibe. People literally leave their doors wide open while they're at home during the day. I see women out jogging at night. Locals and tourists walk home alone at night. Also, there is a fairly large expat community of Americans, Brits and Canadia
The family's interests include We like to hang out at home quite a bit and just take it easy (cooking, playing with the kids, etc.) We love music, and try to avoid having the TV on. I'm a pretty social person and love to meet new people, discuss interesting issues, learn new languages, etc. My son is like me - he loves to talk and is constantly creating imaginary scenarios, building lego, making movies, memorizing lyrics to songs, reading, and always wants to be socially engaged/interactive. My husband is more of an introvert

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