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Nanny and Au Pair Jobs from Spain

   Au pair or nanny wanted by Juan and Angeles, from Spain
They say: Hi everyone!! we are a family located in Spain and having 3 beatiful children. Most important thing for us is that our children learn different lenguages and cultures and this will be your main duty. We already have a current au pair from USA and we have had a different ones in the past years from the States and UK. We are a very open minded family and we live in a beautiful place in Spain with mountains and only 40 km. away from mediterranean sea. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any a
The family's interests include We love enjoying all family together doing many different things. We go to beach in summer where we have an appartment, we like going to countryside on weekends , cinema, swimming.... the most important is that you will always feel like one more member in our family. You can always come with us but you can also do whatever you want to do in your free time.... We are full of experience having au pairs from different counries.They will give you our references and also her experince with us. thank
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Mercedes and Miguel, from Spain
They say: Au Pair needed by a friendly and young family with 1 girl of 3 years old to help us with childcare and play time, as we work until 20:00 We need an au pair to pick her up from the school and play with her until we are back from Office. So some housekeeping related with our daughter as tide up her room, bath her and cook her dinner. All of us are a happy family, we like people who always have a smile.
The family's interests include Golf, traveling, swimming, going to cinema, music, reading...
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Catherine and Alejandro, from Spain
They say: We're a fun Belgian-Spanish couple with two children aged 10 and 8.
The family's interests include sport, swimming, travelling
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Paco and Patricia, from Spain
They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a Spanish family with 2 boys, to help us with childcare so we can all enjoy life
The family's interests include Swimming, football, stay with the family, going out with friends
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Laura and Enrique, from Spain
They say: We are a fun Spanish family with 2 great kids, Marcos, 10 and Lucia, 8.
The family's interests include Hiking in the mountains surrounding our city, spending summer days at the beach and sharing big weekend meals with friends and family.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Belen and Isidro, from Spain
They say: THANK YOU TO ALL APPLICANTS BUT WE HAVE ALREADY FOUND SOMEONE FOR NEXT TERM. We're a friendly couple with two lovely kids looking for an ENTHUSIASTIC girl full of life (NOT the shy type) with whom to become close friends, idealy for life. We do not need a cleaner nor someone who will limit her duties to simply watching over the kids. IF YOU DON'T MIND GETTING DIRTY OR BEING SILLY: YOU ARE OUR GIRL!
The family's interests include We enjoy being active and keeping fit (I like trekking and padle and my husband enjoys tennis), going out for a meal, to the beach, visiting friends and relatives as much as simply staying home watching a good film after dinner which is what we usually do on week days.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Emilio and Claudia, from Spain
They say: Hi, we would be glad to include in our family a new member. We are not just looking for a person to take care of our sons but also be a member of the family sharing with us what we do.
The family's interests include As we are a young couple we like to do the normal things people of our age do. Skating, shopping, playing golf and paddle or going to cinema and our sons likes playing in the park, swimming, some cartoons, cars and dinosaurs.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by annemieke and barteld, from Spain
They say: hello, we are a Dutch family and we live close to Madrid. We are looking for a ´sister ´in thé house who will force us to speak english at home and has her own program during thé day. for example going to a spanish course or whatever. we are not looking for a babysitter, but just someone to help me with thé childrens homework and driving them to thé sports activities. we are all playing hockey (field), we love good food, we eat at normal times, our house is lovely and thé children 10, 9 and 7 ar
The family's interests include field hockey, football, piano, guitar
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Marta and Javier, from Spain
They say: We are looking for an Au Pair who speaks English, loving and experienced childcare, to stay in a village closed to Madrid, Spain. We are a fun and healthy family with three children and a dog, who live in town outside of the city, but with all the amenities and services nearly. There is a swimingpool in the house so the stay in summer with us will be pleasant.
The family's interests include We love practice sports out of door (cycling, padel, skying...). We love stay at home with children and play with their. Also we love travel and go out with another families friends.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Cristina and Juan, from Spain
They say: We have four children aged 10 months, 3,5 and 7. The baby is looked after by a nanny and the other three are at school from 8:15-4:30 pm. We are looking for an au pair to do the school rounds and help them with their homework, reading ( they go to a British school) and getting them ready for bed. We also need help on Saturdays from 8-4 pm and two nights a week babysitting.
The family's interests include The children like to cycle, go on their scooter. They love swimming and running around
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Lourdes and Edu, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed in Madrid, Spain for a loving family of 4, 2 children, Asier 11 and Sandra 9, and a dog, so must be animal friendly! We want someone to teach and play with our children in English, working during the week, weekends free! We look forward to hearing from you soon!
The family's interests include We like meeting with friends, eating out, visiting family in Spain, walking, the children are very sporty, playing hockey (it´s very cool to watch!) and playing with their friends. We are very sociable and would love someone who is also sociable and likes meeting new people!
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Marta and Jorge, from Spain
They say: Family in Seville, South Spain. 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. Help us with childcare amd talk to the, in English. Father traveling often for businesses. Beautiful place, beach house during spring and summer weekends. Looking for english spoken nanny willing to taker care of care of the three with sport activities and english lessons.
The family's interests include Paddle, bicycle, swimming, beach, outdoor activities.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Diego and Maria, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed by a fun family with 2 children. The languages are verte importante for us. The big boy speak English and a little of russia
The family's interests include To play with the children in different languages
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Maria del Mar and Maria del Mar, from Spain
They say: I am looking for big sister for our 4yo girl and a friend for parents. We want nice, responsible and lovely person for to be like part of our family.
The family's interests include Having tripa with other families, swimming, enjoying sunny Mallorca
   Au pair or nanny wanted by robert and Nickie, from Spain
They say: Nanny/au pair and some cleaning needed by a British family living in Spain. We have a little boy of 2 ) and a newborn arriving in December (little girl) We have a dog too. you will have your own (with a private entrance) living accommodation within the house which has a lovely garden and pool.
The family's interests include tennis, swimming, walking the dog on the beach, watching films, nature programmes, documentaries and listening to music etc
   Au pair or nanny wanted by azucena and Angel, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed for 2 for 2 teenagers URGENT minimun 10 mths. must be native english speaker and want to be part of family. easy job with opportunity to earn extra with classes or babysitting.
The family's interests include Do sports, go out on weekends, travelling, going to the cinema, skiing
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Elisa , from Spain
They say: Au pair needed by a fun family with one 9y boy and 5y girl to talk to them in English. We live in a nice and beautiful village in North Spain where the aupair will meet ñots of friends
The family's interests include Lots of different activities!
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Bo and Rosa, from Spain
They say: WE are a couple in our late fourties, (he swedish and she spanish) with a fantastic son of soon 3 years. We have also a dog, a very kind Labrador, so its important that the nanny is not allergic to animals and love both children and dogs. We live in a house a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean sea with beaches, mountains and beautiful surroundings close by. Need someone that can take really good care of our son some hours during day time and assist with household work.
The family's interests include We travel between work
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Cova , from Spain
They say: I am Cova from Madrid, Spain. I have three energetic but delightful children aged 1, 4 and 7, two boys and one girl.
The family's interests include Spend time outside, sports, travelling to my home town
   Au pair or nanny wanted by said , from Spain
They say: hi ,i am looking for a nice,pleasant person ,who loves children tolook after my 3.5 years old son. he is such a lovely boy,smiley,pleasant,loves playing and going out.i prefer live in which to have a bond with him.mostly after school hours and week end.when we are out do some house work,clean and cook and i help as well when i am at home.i do the drop and pick up from school.i am dentist working in fuengirola spain.
The family's interests include going out,walking in the park,picknick,having fun,rsturant,travelling,zoo
   Au pair or nanny wanted by luis and maria, from Spain
They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a family with 3 children (2 lovely girls-twins and one nice boy), to help us with home work, sports activities, dinner time and specially to practice english.
The family's interests include swimming; tenis, we like animals; we love hiking in the countryside. We are a quiet family.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Susanna , from Spain
They say: The families are looking for an English speaker to teach English to their children and take care of them during the evenings. The children go to school at 09:00 and come back around 16.30. The aupair would have to take the children to school at 09:00 and pick them up at 16:30. Once the children have returned from school, the aupair would give the English classes. The requirements: High level of English Philology, Teaching or other studies related to education Basic Spanish Availability: -F
The family's interests include sporting, teaching English for children
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Lola and Roberto, from Spain
They say: English spoken au pair to take care of my 3 children and enjoy spain
The family's interests include Sailing, surfing, biking, movies, travel
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Mercedes , from Spain
They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a nice Catholic family of a mother with 2 children, to help her with childcare on evenings (when they come back from school) from Mondays to Thursdays and alternative weekends. We live in a very comfortable area of Madrid and we are looking forward to share/enjoy different cultures.
The family's interests include Children are still young, so we enjoy going to the park, zoo, cinema, visit the family... or just going for a walk.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Heather and Chris, from Spain
They say: Looking for a fun and loving au pair to help with a family of 4 children.
The family's interests include The boys enjoy swimming, canoeing, and football. The girls are active in surfing swimming and their social life!

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