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Nanny and Au Pair Jobs from Spain

   Au pair or nanny wanted by ANGELES and VI, from Spain
They say: hi, we are a family who live just outside Seville in the south of Spain.I work abroad through the week so my wife if at home with the kids.We need an au pair to real help my wife with the kids especially their homework as the kids go to an an English school and my wife as she is Spnish finds it difficult to help out.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Bo and Rosa, from Spain
They say: WE are a couple in our late fourties, (he swedish and she spanish) with a fantastic son of soon 3 years. We have also a dog, a very kind Labrador, so its important that the nanny is not allergic to animals and love both children and dogs. We live in a house a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean sea with beaches, mountains and beautiful surroundings close by. Need someone that can take really good care of our son some hours during day time and assist with household work.
The family's interests include We travel between work
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Richard and Pilar, from Spain
They say: Hi we are two active brothers looking for an au pair to help Mummy and Daddy.Mum is Spanish and Dad is English . We like playing on the beach ,swimming ,horse riding , and many other outdoor activities. We need someone to play with us and improve our English language skills.
The family's interests include Living on the Mediterranean coast our life is mainly outside.we like swimming ,horse riding , bike riding, tennis. When we can we like going to the cinema. When the weather is good we like to have bbq's with friends and play on the trampoline ,or ping pong in the garden.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Ángeles and Mario, from Spain
They say: We are Ángeles (33), Mario (41), Miguel (4) and Mateo (2). We are cheerful, healthy, dynamics, open minded and responsible. And we are looking for an aupair with the same personal qualities. We live in a nice attic in the centre of Barcelona. There is a room and a bathroom available for the aupair. This is our first time involved in the aupair program and we will do our best to get the aupair feeling as in her own home. We expect a grateful experience for both parts
The family's interests include Sports, cinema, theatre, travel, going to a parks, to the Beach, to the mountains...
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Paco and Patricia, from Spain
They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a Spanish family with 2 boys, to help us with childcare so we can all enjoy life
The family's interests include Swimming, football, stay with the family, going out with friends
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Diego and Maria, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed by a fun family with 2 children. The languages are verte importante for us. The big boy speak English and a little of russia
The family's interests include To play with the children in different languages
   Au pair or nanny wanted by MARTA and PEDRO, from Spain
They say: Dear aupair, thanks for reading our profile. We are a family of five, living in Madrid and looking for an au pair to join our family . We have already lived with three au pairs and still keep in touch with them. It has been a great experience, and we want to repeat it. We live in a flat in the centre of Madrid, close to the Retiro (a big park). We are quite open and have a lot of friends and very big family. We visit them quite often.
The family's interests include Our favourite activities are: going out to the country, bicycling in the Retiro, swimming and, of course, the children try to play with the Nintendo and wii whenever we allow them. We go out with friends quite often and visit our family on weekends. Children like sports a lot: they practice judo, play basketball (usually we have competition Saturday mornings), tennis and in winter they go skiing. They are quite easy going and happy. From time to time, we visit a museum or go to a music concert
   Au pair or nanny wanted by MAITE and ROBERTO, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed by a fun Spanish family with a 2 years old baby and a dog, to help us with childcare and improve our English.
The family's interests include Ride by bicycle, go to the park, beach, mountain. Play, play and play with our baby.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Catherine and Alejandro, from Spain
They say: We're a fun Belgian-Spanish couple with two children aged 10 and 8.
The family's interests include sport, swimming, travelling
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Arantza , from Spain
They say: Au pair needed for a single mum with 3 kids and 2 dogs, mainly for after school care,to become part of the family and keen to do activities together.
The family's interests include swimming, walking, cycling, cinema, playing board and ball games.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by angie and carlos, from Spain
They say: aupair needed by a family with 1 lovely daughter 5 dogs and many cats, we live in a beautiful house by the seaside. we would like someone russian speaking because our daughter wants to learn russian. also we need anlittle help with the house and our lovely dogs. we love to sail and travel.
The family's interests include we love sail ( we have a boat) , travel , visit new places, walk on the beach
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Belén and Enno, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed by a fun family with 2 childrrns and a dog, to help us with childcare.
The family's interests include Swiming, sking, walking mountain
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Sandra and Bassols, from Spain
They say: We are Sandra and Ivan and our two girls Iris and Carla, 4 years and 10 months old. Iris understands English very much because of the previous experience we've had with the au pairs. She loves to play in English and she makes efforts trying to speak the language. We want Carla to live the same experience because English is part of our everyday life. Ivan and I run our own business. We manage a technological recruitment software for companies which we are very proud of. I work from home and Iv
The family's interests include Hi there!! We are a four member family living in Mallorca, next to the harbor Puerto Portals. We'de love to host a native English au pair to take care of our two precious daughters and to be part of our family. We've already had 2 au pairs for the last 2,5 years and the experience has been gr8! Please be welcome from September 2014 to July 2015. We speak perfect English, Spanish and Catalan. Nice to meet you :)
   Au pair or nanny wanted by paul , from Spain
They say: Hello i am looking for an live in au pair as i work away for 5 weeks at a time must be fit and active for my son recently died so i need some help
The family's interests include bike riding swimmimg walking ect
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Fiona and Jorge, from Spain
They say: Dear Au pair, We are chinese/canadian/spanish family living in Caceres Spain. We have 2 rambunctious boys that keeps us busy. We are looking for someone who can easily integrate into our family and support the development of our kids. We are bilingual family and we want to find someone who can help expose our kids to Mandarin. We live in small city in Spain but there is vibrant and growing expat community. If you are interested in immerse yourself into true Spanish experience as well as to l
The family's interests include We are a non traditional Chinese/Canadian/Spanish family. We work in research/academic which allows us to have very flexible schedule. However our needs will fluctuate depending on the project/work demands. We have two playful boys with very different temperaments. our eldest son speaks Spanish and English. Our youngest understands both languages but is not speaking yet. Sports is important part of this family especially football/soccer. We like to go swimming when the weather is hot.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Amparo , from Spain
They say: Hi. I´m a single mum looking for someone to look after my six year old. I need someone to take care of her and take her to school and then pick her up. You have the day off to study Spanish while my daughter is at school. We live in a small village in Madrid and not too far away from Alcala de Henares where there is an university.
The family's interests include We are very family orientated. We like to visit grandparents and get together with families with children. Every so often we go on hikes or perhaps go to watch a movie.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by maria paz , from Spain
They say: Necesitamos au pair para llevar a nuestra hija al colegio, jugar con ella en el parque y practicar inglés. La au pair tendrá mucho tiempo libre y podrá estudiar español o si quiere ir a la universidad o hacer las actividades en las que tenga interés, como hacer deporte..
The family's interests include Nos gusta muchisimo viajar, ir al teatro, y disfrutar jugando con nuestra hija.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Elena and Miguel, from Spain
They say: We are a young spanish family of four living in Madrid. We are willing to become a host family for an au pair who could help us take care of our two 6 and 8 year old boys, and to help them with their english.
The family's interests include We like spending weekends in our vacación home in the countryside. Travelling. Going out with friends. Skiing.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by kate and Filip, from Spain
They say: lovely children and just till the end off september living in and 1 day off and receive 500 euro a month
The family's interests include swim and go out a lot with children
   Au pair or nanny wanted by James and Maria, from Spain
They say: Nena & I will speak Spanish with you as a family member & you will also learn by having fun with friends you meet & we introduce you to. You will learn about Spanish food, wine (I am a winemaker, as well as a banker & film journalist) & culture, and can enjoy our coastal holiday homes with us in Marbella & Cap Ferret. Au pairing: Mon to Friday 8-9h help Marina & Victoria get ready for school, 17-21h collect girls, supervise homework, play, bathe & dine with them. Saturday playtime 10-14h
The family's interests include Our girls enjoy swimming, seeing films, playing both indoors & outdoors (Marina is learning to play padel & tennis). Apart from the above Nena & I also enjoy dining, cycling, live music, and watching sports. Above all we all like a good laugh & don't take ourselves too seriously.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Olga and Autor, from Spain
They say: We are ahealthy and easy going family living 20 minutes away from Barcelona by car, in Sant Quirze del vallès. Our girls will be 2 and 5 soon. We love the idea of giving them the opportunity of meeting people from other countries, culture and language!
The family's interests include We love nature and sport, we love reading and learning new things, and we LOVE travelling. Both the parents have lived abroad. I (the mum) have lived in 3 different countries for 4 years)so we know how hard it can be at the begginning.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Helen and Robert, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed by flexible, but hectic, family with 1 child and friendly dog, to help with childcare and join in family life
The family's interests include Swimming, cycling, DVDs, walking the dog, riding, water parks and bowling alleys. Family time together is important.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Kelly , from Spain
They say: Need an au pair to take care of my two lovely boys while I am working,.
The family's interests include The children enjoy, movies, computer games, board games, swimming, sports and the beach.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Jo and Stuart, from Spain
They say: Au pair needed to help in our busy house. We have 3 wonderful and vibrant children. We have 3 small dogs and a tortoise, so must be an animal lover. If you have get up and go, please contact us.
The family's interests include We like to eat out. The children practice Taekwondo and have dance classes, so there is always something going on. We like to go for drives, shopping, cycling and watching films together.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by maria and jose, from Spain
They say: we are a young and friendly familiy, we need help with babies, you are going to be really well with us, join us!!
The family's interests include we love going to the countryside, going to the beach, travelling, jogging with the dog, ...

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