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Nanny and Au Pair Jobs from Monaco

   Au pair or nanny wanted by Gert and Monique, from Monaco
They say: We are a family with 2 kids living in Monaco, the oldest (10 years old) the youngest (just 8 now) going to school. We are looking for an au-pair to make our life complete. The focus of the workload will be on lunch breaks, after school and dinner hours (during the school holidays it will be 5 full days) during the week (plus babysitting and travelling with the family), which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore Monaco and its surroundings.
The family's interests include In general we try to relax and do some family stuff when we're all together (chill, have long lunches, enjoy beach and go for walks). We love to relax and go traveling. Peace, relaxation and general happiness is key.
   Au pair or nanny wanted by Mario and Svetlana, from Monaco
They say: we are living in Monaco on the see side we speak english even my girl and need somebody with very good british english for summer jn summer we will go to Italian Riviera flat on the sea side for 2 monces in Liguria next to Genova
The family's interests include We like to go the beach and we do horse riding
   Au pair or nanny wanted by elas and josef, from Monaco
They say: we are looking for a nice aupair to spend a summer holidays with our family, who takes care for our 2 children.
The family's interests include we are very nice, lovely happy family..we love to travell with our children,we going in a museums, parks and we bring them in a many activities.

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